Tinker Cake – A recipe with a rich history.

Tinker Cake is almost as simple as a “box cake”, as my great-grandmother called them, or so I’m told. My mother doesn’t remember her making this cake as often as some of the other treasured recipes I have but this is MY grandmother’s cake. This is the cake I will remember her making. It is my favorite! The smell as it is baking fills the room and I am immediately brought back to my childhood. The hint of cinnamon with the cocoa is what gives this recipe a special flavor.

I have found it shared on other sites so I know other families have enjoyed it but I still feel a certain ownership of it. I believe that a recipe is not only an instruction on how to make something but a piece of history that binds your family together. Not every recipe can do that but I know all of you have some that are truly priceless for that reason. This is my priceless recipe.

Although it requires an oven and a stove (not extremely summer friendly) I always remember having it at my grandparents HUGE Independence Day parties. When summer rolls around it is time to whip out this recipe! I am excited to share this recipe with you in hopes you will enjoy it as much as our family!


  1. This looks quite similar to a Texas Sheet Cake. I will definitely be making this because my husband loves Texas Sheet Cake! Thanks for sharing!

  2. it does look similar to texas sheet cake, and equally delicious. this is a recipe i'll definitely have to make as well. thanks for sharing!

  3. now that is a wonderful cake!! I can see why you love it so, and why it was an important part of your families meals!!thanks so much for sharing this treasure!

  4. This looks delicious. I will have to give it a try. Yummy.

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