PBJ Smoothie

With the holidays over and a new year beginning I find myself contemplating all the events that occurred these past 12 months. It’s been a tough but blessed year. We tried to sell our home without success, added a new member to the family, I recovered am recovering from a c-section, fixed flat tires, fixed broken computers, fixed broken heads (I have 4 boys), and the list goes on. Although I like people to think there is always bread baking in the oven, a sparkling clean house for my husband to come home, and our children bathed, dressed and lined up to greet him when he gets home we are far from that picture perfect image.

This year I truly hope to allow my faults to show including any less than par dish, to ask for help when I need it (which is more often than not), and, of course, spend time in the kitchen exploring new recipes.

My next recipe wasn’t so much an exploration but a cleansing, healthified start.  After such a crazy December during which, I hate to admit, I hit the $1 menu at McDonald’s more than once my body needs a serious de-junking! Fruits and veggies are the cure!This morning I whipped up this super simple and fast pbj smoothie. It has 2 servings of fruit, protein, and the ability of giving a starved mom a breakfast.

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