Kids Can Cook Toosday – Crunchy Coconut Chicken

It’s no secret that my kids love chicken…preferably fried and in nugget form.  I, however, favor a healthier baked version.  Recently, when a friend scored an awesome deal on some honey mustard dipping sauce she asked me for a recipe for chicken tenders.  What better opportunity to create a new baked chicken nugget!  I definitely wanted to get my kids involved in the kitchen since they are more likely to taste their creation…at least that’s what I’ve heard.

My mission, if I chose to accept it: concoct a kid friendly, healthy, and yummy chicken nugget that the kids would reach for.  Main ingredient: Chicken.  Due Date: ASAP.  Well, obviously I accepted this challenge and I believe my mission was a success.

The result is a crunchy, coconut crusted (baked!) chicken tender. They are crispy, moist, and have just a hint of heat.  The best thing about this coconut chicken…the ingredients are all things you probably have in your pantry!  Very inexpensive and a welcome change to the typical chicken nugget.  I served this along side coconut rice and green beans for dinner the other night.


  1. Thank you Krista! You totally rocked this. I can’t wait to try it. You read my mind too. I totally wanted to add “baked” as part of m request, but didn’t want to be too picky since I was already putting you on the spot. You’re awesome.

    • Budget Gourmet Mom says:

      I’m so glad you like it! Plus…baking is less work. Stick it in the oven and done…I love easy!

  2. I made this tonight for dinner except i used bran flakes and rice cirspies instead of cornflakes. They turned out great! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Remarkable Mom! This is a fantastic way to bring cooking budget cooking at home without the hassles of too much expense. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Aunt Laura says:

    I just got your site from g’ma, and tried the chicken tenders last night for my 3 grown guys. Fantastic!! They loved them. Your site is so much fun. I love your pictures-and especially of your boys eating them. Am going to try the sopes and frozen bananas next. Have fun with your family! Love, Aunt Laura

    • I’m so glad you liked them!!! I hope you like the sopes and the frozen bananas too! Next time we are visiting we will have to get together and cook something up. Love you, miss you! xoxo

  5. I so love your site. It speaks to me since you have kids too and like to cook great food on a budget. I would love to feature you and one of your recipes on my site. Of course with a linkback to your site! It doesn’t have to be a freezer meal. I just like your stuff! Thanks so much for considering!

  6. I made this tonight, placing them on a bed of romaine salad with a bit of mozzarella cheese and bit of honey mustard dressing. My wife swooned at how delicious it was. Definitely keeping it in rotation!

  7. Can these be frozen & reheated? Trying to find some quick healthier convenience foods for my family.

    • Good question Dawn. I don’t see a problem in freezing them and reheating but I’ve never done it so I couldn’t tell you a time frame. The only problem I can foresee is the corn flakes will become soft instead of staying crunchy. If I get a chance I’ll experiment but if you do before me I’d love to hear how it goes!

  8. your recipe was spot on. i wasn’t expecting it to taste as great as it did. thanks so much!

  9. I stumbled across this on Pintrest. In my efforts to get my almost 4 year old to eat something besides chicken nuggets, plain pasta and fruit, I made this for him. He cleaned his entire plate. Along with his baked potato (which he NEVER eats and called “coconut”) and broccoli. All of it. Every scrap. I was happy that I knew how they were made and that he ventured out and tried something new. He even ate the leftovers the following day. Keep ’em coming!

    • Nothing makes me happier than comments like yours Sarah! That is so awesome! Every once in awhile I still have to encourage my boys to eat things they’ve eaten before but it gets easier! I hope some other recipes on my site will make dinner less of a negotiation.

  10. Did you use sweetened or unsweetened coconut on these?

  11. Found this on Pinterest and made it for dinner! I was such a great recipe that I had to pass it on, especially to my friends and family with children! It is one I am sure my picky nieces will enjoy! Thank you!

  12. My kids love to cook with me…probably because its what i do ..a lot…. So as you put it “your mission should you choose to accept it” that’s how I feel. Take a deep breath and just let them have fun and do some learning and loving in the process.


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