Easy Cherry and Cheese Danish

I have been religiously couponing for almost a year now. During that time I have discovered that you can almost always find coupons for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. They go on sale frequently which makes them a great budget friendly food to work with.

In tradition of keeping with my budget friendly recipes I used crescent rolls in my next recipe for Cherry and Cheese Danishes. Creamy, sweet and flaky! Perfect for breakfast or dessert. I chose cherry pie filling in honor of President’s Day and that infamous story (true or not) of George Washington and the cherry tree. Plus, the cherries were on sale. I couldn’t pass that up!

I tried two versions of these danishes.  A sealed triangle and the rolled crescent version.  I actually think the rolled version was easier and prettier.  If you would like to make the sealed triangle roll out the crescent dough and pinch the seams together.  Roll lightly with a rolling pin to ensure the seams stick.

Cut into equal size triangles with a pizza cutter.  Top one triangle with cheese mixture and cherry filling, top with another dough triangle and pinch sides together.  Bake as directed.

This is a pic of 1/2 of one can of dough
(4 crescent rolls)


  1. Oh my! These look so good. I’m a cream cheese addict! 🙂

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