Foodbuzz 24×24: {From Garden to Table} A Cooking Class

I grew up around food and cooking so I have always felt pretty comfortable in the kitchen.  I know not everyone does so when I started blogging it was to share tips and recipes that I had learned over the years with the hopes of inspiring others.  I really do believe, just as Gusteau did in Ratatouille, that anyone can cook.  Some just need a little nudge!

It was this thinking that spurred an idea to host a cooking class.  I feel blessed with a talent and want to share that with others.  Now, I say that in the humblest of ways and not in any way to toot my own horn.  It’s just that cooking brings me joy and cooking for others brings me even more joy!  If I can help just one person feel more confident in the kitchen than I will be happy.

With summer approaching it is easier then ever to find fresh, wholesome ingredients to work with.  Beautiful ingredients make beautiful food so naturally I chose ingredients that we grow in our garden at home.  They are readily available so if you aren’t able to plant a garden of your own your local market should have them.  Narrowing down the ingredients was tough and required numerous hours of thumbing through recipes, concocting dishes, and experimentation…I have it tough, don’t I!?  I finally narrowed it down to the following recipes:

Caramelized Onion and Zucchini Pizza


Pico de Gallo


Fresh Strawberry Tart

The night before the class my marvelous hubby helped me transform downstairs by cleaning and setting up rows of chairs.  After weeks of planning the day arrived!  Despite my original fears, including but not limited to a dream in which I showed up to the class totally unprepared but fully clothed (thank goodness), the class went on without a hitch!

I don’t think I made too much of a fool of myself…although, I am a goof at heart!

And, as if the entertainment wasn’t enough, I had samples of what I would be demonstrating that day aka bribery!

Individual servings of pico de gallo…find the recipe here.

Pizza bites…find the recipe here.

Mini Strawberry Tarts.  Seriously cute, right!? Find the recipe here.

I hope those who attended went away with a new found confidence that if I can do it, they can do it!  Whether you are following a recipe or winging it if you use fresh ingredients your food can look beautiful.  It doesn’t need to be complicated either.  All of these recipes are simple and if you were unable to attend my class I will be sharing these recipes with you throughout the week so keep checking back!


I had every intention of posting a video but seemed to have some technical difficulties with my Flip HD.  All the more reason to come see my shenanigans in person next time!

Photos of class courtesy of Jennifer Meinhart.


  1. How fun! Wish I could have been there, I bet it was great! And you’re right–those mini strawberry tarts are adorable!

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