ABC Summer – C is for Candy

Over the past few summers a few of my unbelievably creative neighbors spend the time planning fun (and many free!) activities for their kids with a little program they call ABC Summer.  It is fun for the kids and the parents plus, it is the perfect cure for boredom!

The idea is you pick a different letter for each week and plan fun activities to do around that letter.  You don’t have to go in order or cover every letter.  A few weeks ago we celebrated “C” week.  We ate popcorn, watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and ate candy.  Hmmm, we did a lot of things related to food!  The candy I mentioned actually came from a trip to a local Utah candy factory called Sweets.

One of my extremely creative friends I mentioned earlier organized a tour of the factory.  It was completely free {including samples 😉 } and I, er the kids really loved seeing all the mixers, machines, and pounds of sugar!  The chocolate melting room had to be my favorite.  Seriously, all I need is a cot and I could probably live there for um, like forever.

They have display window with candy {of course}, some chocolate molds, and a history of the factory.

Once the tour is over you can buy treats from their store like salt water taffy.  How do you choose!?

I tried to limit them to 10 pieces…yeah, that worked well.

If you are in Salt Lake area check out Sweets Candy Factory to schedule your tour or check out their website to order some of their amazing candy!  Salt water taffy, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, and chocolate covered marshmallows are a few faves!

After all was said and done we were all happy campers!  Well, almost all of us.  He was too little  to have any candy and he let us know his about his discontentment!


If you would like to participate in ABC Summer watch for more posts and just get creative!

Get in the kitchen with your kids with the following “C” recipes!

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  1. I am such a sucker for salt water taffy

  2. What a fun idea! I love it! Can’t wait to hear about other letters of the alphabet!

  3. I love this idea!! And I see a trip to Sweets soon – a perfect summertime activity!

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