Fuji Mama’s 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake

I hope you are still thinking skinny thoughts from my last post.  You are gonna need them.  This next recipe is an ooey, gooey, ice cream cake from one of my closest friends, La Fuji Mama.

I love me some ice cream cake.  With summer in full swing ice cream is the dessert du jour at our house.  Fuji Mama’s 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake is sure to please everyone in the family.  It’s cookie, cake, ice cream, and a sundae all rolled into one!  A big “thank you” shout out to Fuji Mama for sharing this with me!

Okay…it’s time for me to be honest here.  I’ve been struggling to write this post for the past week.  It has nothing to do with the recipe or the pictures.  I think the picture above speaks for itself and it’s whispering “eat me, eat me”.  The fact is, I’m on vacation and while a mother’s work is never done and a bloggers job can never really be too far away I struggle.

So here I sit, drooling and wrestling with the fact that I should be doing something with my kids instead of working.  I fear I have nothing to leave you with except this deliciously simple and delicious ice cream cake!

Fuji Mama’s (+/-) 5-Layer Ice Cream Cake
Adapted from recipe as explained by Grandma C

(1) Cookie Crust
(2) Chocolate Layer
(3) Ice Cream Layer
(4) Caramel Layer
(5) Whipped Cream Layer

(1) Cookie Crust:
1 package regular Oreo cookies (about 45 cookies)
1/2 cup butter, melted

1. Twist the Oreos apart, scrape out the cream filling (place in separate bowl and save for layer 5). Place cookies into a large Ziploc bag and crush with a rolling pin (or throw into a food processor and pulse) until the crumbs resemble coarse sand. Pour about 3/4 of the cookie crumbs into a 13×9-inch baking pan (reserve 1/4 of crumbs for layer 5).

2. Drizzle melted butter over crumbs, mix with a fork, and then use the fork to gently press the crumbs flat into the pan. Put in freezer to set. While in freezer, make layer 2.

(2) Chocolate Layer:

12 oz. (2 cups) semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup butter

* Next time I make this I will probably half the amount of ingredients that I used. This chocolate layer is quite thick, which makes it difficult to cut through when the cake is finished. Although it is difficult to cut through, it was yummy, but it was more like a chocolate cookie on bottom, and less an integrated part of the cake.

1. In a heavy saucepan, heat chocolate chips and butter together until melted, stirring constantly until shiny and smooth.

2. Let cool slightly and then spread quickly over crust. You’ll want to work quickly otherwise it will start to pull up the crust. Put in freezer to set (sets quickly).

(3) Ice Cream Layer:
1.5 – 2 quarts of your favorite ice cream

1. While layer 2 is setting, set ice cream out to soften. Here is one area where I would make an adjustment to what I did. I used a very soft ice cream for this cake. In the future I will use an ice cream that freezes a bit firmer, as this particular ice cream melted too quickly. You want something that will soften at a slower rate, giving the rest of the cake time to soften with it when you pull it out to cut it.

2. Scoop out large spoonfuls of ice cream and place on top of chocolate layer. Press and spread ice cream down (I found a large metal spoon to be particularly effective) into even layer. Put in freezer to set. Let set completely (this may take several hours depending on the ice cream you are using).

(4) Caramel Layer:
homemade/store-bought caramel topping

Drizzle layer of caramel over ice cream and put back into freezer.

(5) Whipped Cream Layer:
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
cookie cream filling (saved from Oreo cookies in layer 1)
crushed Oreo cookie crumbs (reserved from layer 1)

1. In a large bowl pour 1/2 cup of the heavy whipping cream over the reserved cookie cream filling and mix until you have a smooth paste. Slowly add the rest of the cream and then whip at medium speed until soft peaks form.

2. Spread whipped cream over top of caramel layer. Sprinkle reserved cookie crumbs over whipped cream. Put in freezer to set for at least 2 hours.

*Before you serve the cake, remove it from the freezer and allow it to sit at room temperature for several minutes so that it will be easier to cut.

Recipe and Photos courtesy of Rachael of La Fuji Mama.


  1. Love FujiMama & love this ice cream cake too!
    We are in our final week of Get Grillin’ – Dessert is the theme and we would love if you submitted up to any 3 recipes (they don’t have to be grilled) to our link up. This one would be perfect! This week we have a Rouxbe Cooking School giveaway. http://su.pr/2YaIiV

  2. Wow! This looks sinfully delicious! I’m sure I would eat waaaay too much of it! 🙂

  3. This loooks wonderful and indeed appears to need a bunch of skinny thoughts.
    I left a vote for you at Circle of Moms. I saw you were a fellow competitor and I wanted to check out your blog…which is fabulous by the way 🙂

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