3 After-School Snacks for Hungry Kids

I have 4 boys.

They eat . . . a lot. I’m pretty sure they are part ravenous wolf and no one will be able to convince me otherwise.

Keeping up with their appetites is tough enough, let alone doing it on a budget. Oh, and did I mention they are seven, five, two and one!? I imagine we’ll need to take out a small loan to feed them once they hit the teenage years. Feeding them breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t scare me, but I must admit, snack time can incite a bit of fear.

This school year I vow to be prepared so those three little words, “Mommy, I’m hungry,” don’t make me cringe. So, with the school year approaching, I’m stocking our fridge and pantry with some snack-time favorites.  I’ve shared my recipe for these granola bars as well as a ranch hummus, and nutty yogurt fruit dip over at Williams-Sonoma Blog, The Blender!


  1. You are super-mom! I have one daughter and I can hardly keep up!

  2. These look delicious! I will have to check out the recipe.

  3. so glad foodbuzz mentioned you in their #FF so i could find your blog – great guest post! i just added it to my FB wall to share with my readers!

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