French Bread Meatball Pizza and Real Life

It’s time for me to get real for a minute.

Having a blog, being a mom, and a wife is not easy.  To be honest, sometimes I think to myself, “why did I ever start this and why am I still doing it?”

The answer is actually quite simple.  I love it.

I love creating the food…

I love hearing from people who have made my recipes and liked them {it boggles my mind that someone actually makes my recipes other than me…who am I, really!?}…

I love learning and improving my skills, whether cooking, photography, or food styling.

Something you may not know about me is I’m kinda a perfectionist, and not in a good way.  When I started blogging I wanted everything to be perfect.  The pictures, the writing, the layout.  To be honest, I was afraid of being judged.

Then I realized something.  Nothing in life is perfect.  I was trying to hide real life and stressing myself out which made the cooking, writing, picture taking, styling not so fun.  So, it’s high time I get real.

This is a very real recipe that I have made a few times.  My family loves it and I love to make it because it takes 30 minutes!  Oh, and in my imperfect world my camera battery died after two pictures were taken during this “shoot”.  How’s that for a start!


  1. I hear ya – it’s definitely hard to do it all! But in the end, it’s all worth it. And this is totally my kind of meal. Delish!

  2. I can completely relate to what all you just said in this post!! I think we are our harshest critics!! And yes, there are days that I feel the same “why did I start this stuff” but the passion for cooking is what keeps me going…it actually makes me tick…& I am loving it!!
    The French Bread Meatball Pizza looks incredibly delicious!!

  3. Hi Budget Gourmet Mom! I received a tiny little blogger award and passed it on to my favorite blogs, including you! It’s in my Rolo Cookies post from today. Thanks for all you do!

  4. I felt the exact same way when we first started Feast…

  5. Well your picture looks great! And it sounds to me that we are two peas in a pod. I’m a total perfectionist too, but sometimes life just gets in the way!

  6. Mmmmm…this would be perfect for dinner tonight! I always hate when my camera dies right as I am trying to shoot a few! Ugh!

  7. I know what you mean about wanting every post to be perfect. But I also know that the most important part is creating the recipes with love and connecting with the readers. So I try to let go once in a while and just enjoy the ride.

    This looks awesome!

  8. I wish I was more of a perfectionist. I would say I’m more of a “that’ll do” . I know my boys would go crazy for your pizza.

  9. *snort* Were you channeling me when your camera battery died? Perhaps I am really rubbing off on you! YES, bring on the real life baby! You know I adore you, but it simply had to be said again! (And, anyway, you are a perfect friend to me, so there is your perfection!)

    Love ya!!

  10. I think the photo is awesome and it makes me want to make it! I too am perfectionist and the more I learn the harder I become on myself. I’ve just been beating myself up over a simple mistake I made at work…and I think part of the reason that we perfectionists to such a thing is because its hard to accept when something happens out of our control! Its a hard road but I’m learning too!

  11. I hear you on the perfectionist streak! Blogging for me is a day to day challenge- it can be nerve wracking to put your ideas and hard work out there for the world.

    Your recipes are lovely, and so is being real about how life really can be!

  12. We love your French Bread Pizza recipe and the photo. It looks perfect. Just to join in the conversation, we do have the same problem, we over critique ourselves all the time 🙁

  13. Mara Comadena says:

    Hi Krista!
    Just tried this recipe tonight and it was a hit with my husband (Sean) and 12 year-old son (Jansen). They are picky when it comes to veggies so I especially loved the hidden zucchini! Very delicious. I used McCormick Italian Seasoning on the top of the cheese and it tasted great (I’m kinds addicted to this spice). Thanks!

    • I am so glad Mara! I love the Italian Seasoning too and being sneaky with regards to vegetables. I can’t wait until summer when I can just walk out into my backyard and pick a fresh zucchini!


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