S’mores Supreme {aka Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores Bars} and a Slumber Party

My kids are just getting old enough for sleepovers.

They live close enough to their cousins to visit but far enough away that they don’t see them often enough.  When they get together it is one crazy good time so my sister-in-law and I put our heads together to let the good times roll.

No doubt about it.  A slumber party was in order.

When I was a kid sleepovers were about junk food, staying up late, playing games, and talking about boys stuff.  This slumber party was no different {except for the part where we talked about boys stuff}.

To make things fun and easy I threw together a great menu {full of snacks} to keep these kiddos on a sugar high energized until it was way past their bedtime.  Side note: I must emphasize, before I get bombarded by people complaining about “how all these sweets and snacks are bad for my children and how dare I feed them such garbage, yadda, yadda, yadda…”, this happens a handful of times a year.  Relax.

As a parent I got to enjoy the slumber party from a different angle and was also able to see how much work goes on behind the scenes.  Snacks were the easy part.  Cleanup, now that’s another story.

Luckily the wonderful folks from Electrolux make one part of clean up easy.  The laundry.

Right now Electrolux, in partnership with Kelly Ripa, are hosting a Virtual Sleepover.  For every person who joins in on the fun Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!

That’s well and good, you say but, what does it have to do with my laundry!?

Well, when you join the sleepover you will not only have access to fabulous ideas and recipes for your own sleepover you will also be entered to win a new Perfect Steam Washer and Dryer from Electrolux.  With a wash time of 15 minutes and dry time of 14 minutes I could definitely use a set…four boys, hello!

Before you head over to sign up for the Virtual Sleepover I’ve shared a few snacks below that we love including the aptly name Smore’s Supreme which happened to be named by my adorable niece at the party.  Graham cracker crust, chocolate chip cookie, more chocolate, and marshmallows.  Need I say more!?

It was the perfect treat for our little indoor campout.

Breakfast is also a snap if you prepare ahead.  My breakfast menu included a coffee cake, an egg casserole, and breakfast meatballs.  They were all delicious but the breakfast meatballs were so fantastic they deserve a post all on their own {coming tomorrow}.

Now head over to the Virtual Sleepover and sign up.  One person can make a difference when surrounded by thousands of others who made the same choice.


  1. Oh man, seeing the Hershey bars, chocolate chip and marshmallows just made me wish I was a kid again! This was a fun read, thanks!

  2. Oh man! Looks amazing!

  3. How YUMMY are those smores bars? I somehow made it through the summer without a smore… that’s just not right!

  4. That sleepover sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have sleepovers. Great treat!

  5. We just love s’mores! My kids will be so happy to try this!Such a cute post with adorable photos! I love your site!


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