Apple Pie Filling {Let’s Talk Turkey}

As if life wasn’t crazy enough the holidays are approaching.  Fast.

Not that I mind crazy.  Actually, I think I thrive on it.  Now if that isn’t crazy I don’t know what is!

Around this time of year it is easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of all the festivities but I find myself reminiscing as I get older.  I have very fond memories of our holiday get together’s as a large family.  Every year we enjoyed three Thanksgiving dinners.  Yes, I said three.  No, that isn’t a typo.

My mother was always in charge of the cranberry sauce and pies.  Once my sister and I were older I can remember helping her make the pies.  We always had pumpkin and usually an apple.  You see, my mom is known for her pies.  She would unleash her inner “Martha”  and adorn the crust with cut out apples, or leaves, or pumpkins and brush them with an egg wash so they had this nice shine.  They really were beautiful pies and delicious to boot.

This year I will be in charge of our Thanksgiving.  We won’t have three {my waistline will be happier} so I wanna make this one count.  I intend to carry on some of the same traditions I enjoyed growing up…including the pies.  There will definitely be pumpkin and probably an apple.  You see, I want to be known for my pies too.  Oh, and I will also be unleashing my inner “Martha” just like my mother taught me.

To make things a bit easier in the kitchen for me the day of Thanksgiving I’m going to can my apple pie filling now.  It is relatively simple and if you have the right tools it can be darn right easy.

Thanks to my wonderfully awesome neighbor {whose beautiful apple pie filling I’m photographing} I now know how to can my own.  If you have never tried canning before there is no need to be afraid.  There are numerous websites and books you can buy to guide you.  For the directions on how to can your own apple pie filling not to mention many more things you can visit the National Center for Home and Food Prep which lists several USDA publications.  The pie filling is in guide 2.

The beauty of canning is you can store it in your pantry and it’s ready whenever you are.  If you simply don’t have the resources or time to can, freezing is a wonderful alternative.

Whatever tradition or recipe you savor this time of year I hope you’ll remember those who may be less fortunate.  Frigidaire is currently hosting their Talk Turkey Campaign.  You can submit your own recipes and tips plus, for every one that is shared Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs.  I can think of nothing better than to help numerous people at once just by taking a few extra seconds to submit a recipe or tip!

 I created this post as part of Frigidaire’s Talk Turkey Campaign. Share your own recipes and tips at Frigidaire’s Make Time for Change site. For every recipe or tip that’s shared, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save The Children’s U.S. Programs, which creates lasting change for children in need.


  1. What an awesome idea to can the apple pie filling! This would make my Thanksgiving cooking go so much quicker! 🙂

    • My neighbor shared this with me and I am in love! It is so worth the amount of time it takes to make it (which is actually not a lot). Hide it on a back shelf though, or it may be gone by Thanksgiving!

  2. I was just telling my husband today that I want to can some applesauce this year – looks like I need to add apple pie filling to the list, as well!

    • If you give it a try you need Clear Jel which, from what I’ve heard, you need to buy from The Mending Shed in Orem or online. Seriously, that store is a just plain awesome. I went in to buy that and left with 3 extra “necessities”! 😉

  3. When I was a stay at home mom I did a lot of canning. If I only had the time for it now – I really enjoyed it a lot. Now when I go home to visit MY parents I am sent home with “groceries” of home canned goods. 🙂 I’m going over to check out the Talk Turkey Campaign!

  4. That pie looks delicious. Years ago I did a lot of canning. We did a lot fruit preserves and pickles. It is pretty easy once you get through the learning curve.

  5. Canning pie ingredients? You are so smart. Canning is something that completely horrifies me, though. Is that weird?

    • Canning is terrifying…at first. I was totally the same way! Tomatoes were the first thing I canned and now I have tried it I’m not as intimidated. As long as you have the right tools it is actually more of a time commitment than anything else but oh, is it worth it!

  6. MissyMaki says:

    OOOOH! I am ready for pie! Yummy filing – thank you!

  7. I think putting on Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd is more frightening than canning! I love to entertain and unleash my inner Martha, but when I host the T-Day dinner it’s total craziness! Timing a feast like that is stressful. I’m with you: try to do as much in-advance prep/cooking as possible – even pie filling!

  8. That is one purty looking pie! Such a great idea.

  9. I’m in charge of Thanksgiving too this year and in our new home the oven is teeny tiny and the freezer too. I’m going to can the apple pie filling this weekend. I’m a taker for any other tips regarding Thanksgiving early prep. We’ll have 16 adults and 9 children over, it’s going to be mayhem and our kitchen is really small. Thanks for this suggestion!

    • Wonderful! And aren’t the holidays supposed to be mayhem…think National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. As far as early prep try making the mashed potatoes the day before or that morning and keeping them warm in a crock pot. The pies can be made the day before as well as the rolls. Depending on other sides you are making you can probably adjust by making ahead of time and reheating so the Turkey can be the focus on the day of. And most of importantly, have fun!

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