Night of the Living Dead Cupcakes {Tutorial}

The name actually sounds a lot scarier than these cupcakes actually look.

Aren’t these fun?  Who wouldn’t want to eat that?

A few weeks ago I happened to be on Twitter when a “Witches Fingers” recipe that had been added on Key Ingredient was tweeted.  Of course I just had to look at it.  I suppose my four boys have rubbed off on me a bit and I have come appreciate things of a gory nature.

When I first saw them I thought they would be fantastic all on their own but then my mind started wandering.  I’ve seen “dirt” cupcakes with gummy worms so why not make a zombie finger come out of the dirt!?  So I got to work creating my very own zombie infested graveyard.

I’ll admit the tombstones could be better but at the moment I still can’t think of an inexpensive candy or edible…what a minute.  When I made these there was leftover shortbread dough {from the fingers} that you could totally shape into tombstones and use a gel or frosting to decorate.  Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that sooner.  Oh well, whatever.  Feel free to use the paper, toothpick version which people didn’t seem to have a problem with.

Whether you are having a Halloween party or thinking of ways to entertain the kids I think these would be perfect!




Night of the Living Dead Cupcakes

I started by creating an assembly line.  Start with frosting and a knife.  Next, place the crushed Oreos in a bowl next to the frosting.  Lastly, have the fingers, tombstones, and cupcake liners ready to decorate with.

Frost a cupcake, turn it upside down and dip it into the crushed Oreos pressing slightly so the Oreo pieces adhere.  {I stored the cupcakes in the fridge to chill for awhile for the frosting to set.}  Stick the toothpick end of the tombstone into the cupcake near the back until the paper is even with the frosting.  Now stick a finger cookie straight into the cupcake, fingernail side up, in front of the tombstone.  Set in a black cupcake liner.  Repeat until all cupcakes are finished.

“RIP” tombstones (I am not a crafter so bear with me)

  • 1 – 8 1/2 x 11 black piece of scrapbook paper
  • Black permanent marker
  • 24 toothpicks
  • 24 – 1/2″ pieces of scotch tape
  • scissors

Fold the paper in half lengthwise.  Fold once more in half lengthwise.  Using the scissors cut out a tombstone shape with approximately a 1 1/4″ base.  Repeat all the way down the paper until you have exactly 24 {or 6 separate stacks of 4}.  Lay them all out on a flat surface.  Use the marker to write “RIP” on each tombstone.  Flip them over.  Set a toothpick in the middle of each one with about 3/4″ sticking down below the paper.  Use a small piece of scotch tape to adhere the toothpick to the paper.


  1. OMG these is spooky good! It took me a sec to realized these are fingers in there but you should have seen my face. LOL Quite awesome!

  2. These look wonderful – so great for Halloween!

  3. This is creepy and cute all at the same time!

  4. These looks like the perfect Halloween treat! So cool!

  5. How fun are these?!?

  6. So fun and so creepy:)

  7. So fun, Krista! Love them!

  8. These are awesome! They would be such a big hit with my boys.

  9. Hahaha! It is so funny! I know some people who would be scared to taste this cupcakes finger!

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