Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Three things happened when I was baking this recipe.

First of all, I couldn’t find the original recipe that I was going to tweak so I had to find another one.  Second, I made them into balls thinking they were going to spread but they didn’t {probably because they are low in fat}.  Third, because they didn’t spread I discovered a really cool way to make them look like pumpkins.

See, good things can come from what may have seemed like a “whoopsie”.

You can make these cookies three different ways.

You can create a ball.

You can flatten them with a cup.  I used a mug with a design on the bottom that I found at a dollar store awhile ago.

You can create a pumpkin.

{I discovered after the fact that I should have baked these a bit longer so they sank a bit.  Luckily they still tasted good!}

I literally came up with this while I was making these…hence the random “stems”.  Ideally a pretzel stick snapped in half would be best but since cooking on a budget is all about using what you have I used some sticks from a Chex Mix, I cut the square pretzels to resemble sticks, and even used some stems from a pear.  No, we didn’t eat the actual sticks.  I made sure the kids took those out!

The best part about these cookies is they are low in fat because I used the pumpkin to replace the butter.  Just try to stop popping these in your mouth!


  1. What a great recipe! These cookies look tasty! I also love your pictures!

  2. These look great, but can you tell me more about the pumpkin?
    Does it need to be cooked or raw?
    Does it need to be grated if it’s raw/mashed if it’s cooked?

    Thank you, really looking forward to surprising the kids with these, once I know about the pumpkin!

  3. Ahh pumpkin season…I look forward to this every year. Looks delish!

  4. Is the cream of tartar 1/4 tsp or 1/4 tbsp?

  5. How Fantastic! What a happy ‘accident’ 😉
    I have always adored snickerdoodles and pumpkin and now I find this cookie! I love you. 😉

  6. oh my goodness, they are adorable in the little pumpkin shapes! what a cute idea

  7. What a great “accident”! Snickerdoodles are my favorite, and I love the Fall twist to them. I think I might be trying this soon!

  8. I enjoy snickerdoodles and I make the pumpkin flavored one’s for Thanksgiving. I’ve tried different recipes but I should try this one too. I love how your site is so inviting. Your photos are just lovely too.

  9. ha! Love that you turned the cookies into pumpkins after realizing they don’t spread. Too creative! It was great meeting you (you were the perfect elevator book-end to our weekend!) ;P Next time we’ll have to chat more! Safe travels home!!

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