Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

The day I made this chocolate pumpkin pie was the longest day of life.

Okay, not the longest day but it was a close fifth.  You see, the day before I made this pie I was working on a recipe that I was sure was going to be a hit and completely easy to boot.  I was wrong.  Dead.  Wrong.  It just didn’t come together like I had planned.  The mere fact that it was a huge FAIL was a shock to my ego.

After my little experiment the day before I was a bit uneasy about tackling a baking experiment.  I timidly stepped into my kitchen after the morning rush and decided to just get it over with.  If it failed it would be okay {I tried earnestly to believe that}.

I started by whipping up the pumpkin layer.  My family and I have forever relied on Libby’s recipe on the back of their canned pumpkin so my only worry was that my calculations would need adjusting.  In the oven it went and out it came.  Beautiful.  So far so good.

While that cooled I got to talk to a woman who can always talk me down {or up as the case was this time} and I felt prepared to tackle the next step.  The chocolate.  I figured if this was a bust than at least I’d have a huge bowlful of chocolate to drown my sorrows in.  Fortunately for me and my figure the chocolate was a success also.

In the fridge it went to chill.

Three torturous hours later it was ready to sample.  I went to grab the whipped cream…wait.  No whipped cream.  What!?

There was something hilarious about the situation I found myself in but I just couldn’t eat this pie without whipped cream.

It was 3:00.  That magic hour when ALL the kids get home.  Going to the store with two is enough to drive anyone insane but all four!?  No pie was worth the stress of dragging all the kids to the store just for whipped cream.  So I waited some more.  Every time I opened the fridge there it sat looking at me.  Eat me, eat me.

Later that night I talked my husband into taking us on a ride to get shakes {while it was 37° outside} but secretly I just wanted to run to the store.  The next day with whipped cream in hand, I set up the photo shoot, and dug in!

Oh sweet bliss.  It turned out marvelous.  I had my mojo back and all was right with the world.  

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  1. Looks delicious! And your photos are gorgeous! Glad you got your whipped cream 🙂

  2. Very nice. Chocolate and pumpkin. What a great combo!

  3. It’s two of my favorite pies in one! Man, I’d kill for a slice of this! Genius.

  4. Oh yum! That chocolate layer is calling my name.

    • I happened to find the recipe for the chocolate layer while I was at the grocery store and I quickly snagged one. I am so glad I did. I tried to make a chocolate silk pie a couple years back but it didn’t turn out as well. This one is a definite keeper…and so easy!

  5. Oh, the torture! I don’t know if I would have had the self control to wait to eat it! This looks so good – I love the classic flavors combined.

  6. Love the plates and the pie! You are hilarious girl, glad you found that whipped cream 🙂

    • Thanks, Marla! My grandmother actually made those plates for me…isn’t she awesome!? I will make sure to tell her you love her work. The other day I was telling her she could have a great side business.

  7. Wow that looks so good. I had a recipe flop this week, and I was so disappointed. I need to try your pie and have success.

  8. I would totally order these plates from your grandma should she decide to sell ’em 🙂

  9. Your pie looks incredible! I had a huge fail last night too … making no-bake cookies. How can you fail at no-bake cookies? I forgot to put in the milk, then I ran out of oats, so I threw in some rice cereal, but it didn’t stick together at all. I have a tray full of crumbly chocolatey mess …

  10. Mmmm, gorgeous pie. Hey, did you get my email re: guest post?

  11. This looks amazing! I’d like to have a piece right about now. I love these flavors together and I can totally relate to not wanting to take 4 kids to the store for just one thing!

  12. Love To Make This For My Family!! …Being Vegan…I Use Carob Chips Instead Of Chocolate!! Don’t Use Eggs and It Comes Out Great!! ..Looks Great!! I Enjoy The Recipes On Foodbuzz!! …Great Ideas For Family!! I Just Do A Little Changes Here And There!! Ha Ha!! Chef Carlyn

  13. This looks just lovely. So glad you have your baking confidence back!

  14. Looks Yummy! I might try to bake that for Christmas

  15. This looks so good! I’m surprised after your adventure you didn’t put “Whipped Cream (not optional)” in the actual recipe! What’s the texture of the chocolate layer like – same as pumpkin pie? More pudding like?

    • So true Erin! I may need to go in and change that…
      The chocolate layer is similar to pumpkin pie. It’s adapted from a recipe for chocolate silk pie so it firms up nicely in the fridge.

  16. Totally relate about the not wanting to drag kids to the grocery store! This pie sounds amazing! I had been wanting to change it up this thanksgiving but my hubby INSISTED on having pumpkin pie – maybe I can convince him to just twist the traditional with this yummy choclate (wink). Great blog. Totally cute dessert plates!

  17. I made this for Thanksgiving. Out of the four pies we had, this one went the fastest. In fact, it was all gone before even half of any of the other pies had been eaten. It is my new favorite pumpkin pie recipe!


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