Homemade Cranberry Sauce

One of my earliest memories of cooking with my mom is of helping her the night before Thanksgiving making pumpkin pies and this.

This is cranberry sauce.  Does it look funny?

Perhaps it does if you are used to seeing it flop out of a can.  This is homemade cranberry sauce.  That’s right.  Those red little berries you find in a bag can do more than trim a Christmas tree or fill a holiday vase.   Although I do love using them in that capacity as well.

When my sister and I were old enough my mother would have us help by starting the cranberry sauce and cutting out fun leaf shapes to add to the pumpkin pie.  If you’ve been reading BGM for awhile you know that my mother was a bit of a “Martha” and her pies were always pieces of culinary art…until they were devoured.  Even then the empty pie plate with bits of leftover pie crust and smeared pumkin was a thing of beauty.

Once the pies were baked and the cranberry sauce had cooled my mom would pour it into a mason jar adding to its rustic, homey flavor.  After all, everything tastes better when it comes out of a cool jar.  Usually she would tie a bit of rafia around it.  I told you.  Martha.

If there is one thing you do different this year, I hope it’s this.  It is such an easy recipe and the longer you let it simmer the thicker and more jelly like it gets.  So, if it’s jelly you want you could still manage to make it and just think, it won’t look so cylinder.


  1. Doesn’t look funny at all — I always make my own. This year I’m going to try it in the slow cooker. Have you ever done it that way — and if so, any pointers?

  2. Easy to do, and it looks awesome. My kind of recipe.

  3. Absolutely beautiful cranberry sauce. I can’t wait to have some of this goodness next week!

  4. Looks good!

  5. Isn’t it so super easy?! It’s as fast as opening a can, no?! 🙂 I love cranberry sauce!!

  6. I love the simple goodness of this. It’s easy to overlook and just pop open a can on Thanksgiving, but this looks easy! Adore the jar as well!

  7. There is nothing like homemade cranberry sauce. Yours is lovely.

  8. Whenever I see the canned stuff on the table I think to myself “is that a scented candle or food?” GREG

  9. The best stuff!

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