A Season of Thanksgiving

Before the first slice of pie is devoured or one bite of stuffing is enjoyed our family starts off by giving thanks for the year we have celebrated.  Soon after, a series of clanking dishes, joyful laughter, and friendly conversation ensues.  For a split second we are all truly thankful.  Thankful for food, family, good health, life.  Our problems seem to melt away as we savor the moments surrounded by our family and friends.

I always mean what I say when I list what I’m thankful for but after a weekend away with the girls I have a new perspective on some things.

This past weekend I attended Time Out for Women.  It was amazing.  Seriously, I’m getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it.

Of course a weekend away with no kids is always rejuvenating but even more so when you are uplifted by a handful of speakers and songwriters.  My heart was touched by every speaker there but one in particular will stay with me.  Forever.

Her name is Stephanie Nielson.  If you would like to hear her story you can visit her website.  Let me tell you, it is nothing short of amazing but make sure you have on waterproof mascara {if you are a woman or perhaps a man who likes to volumize} before you do.  She was called at the last minute to fill in and I will be forever grateful for whatever turn of events caused it to happen.

The truth is I needed a reality check.  Life was passing me by as I struggled to juggle the kids schedules, the husband’s schedule, MY schedule.  BGM is starting to take up more and more of my time and there are days when I can barely keep my head above water.  Stephanie’s story of survival and triumph helped me realize what is truly important in my life.

When I leave this earth {in the very not so near future} I want my husband and children to know how much I loved them.  I want my kids to have memories of coming home from school to a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for them, not because I was posting them on the site but because I knew they were their favorite.  I want my family and friends to know I loved them by the small and simple things I did for them “just because”.

Oh my goodness.  I’m not wearing waterproof mascara and I seriously hope my computer doesn’t blow a circuit from the tears.

I hope you will take the time to show the ones you love that you care about them.  There will always be laundry to do, floors to sweep, dinner to cook, lessons to drive to.  I realize that some days will be hectic and I’ll be lucky to keep my head above water but I feel almost empowered knowing that.  I’m not perfect {I know…shocker} but I can make a difference in someone else’s life just by being there.

Be there for your family this year.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Ohhh…. I LOVE Time Out for Women. I went last month with some friends from California. Stephanie wasn’t on our program, though. I wish she was. Her story is so beautiful and powerful and, like you said, really puts your life into perspective. (She basically makes me feel like I have absolutely no reason to complain. Ever.)

  2. This is beautifully written! I haven’t ever heard of Time Out for Women but I’m glad that it was so beneficial for you!

  3. beautiful post, I totally relate 🙂

  4. Shawn @ I Wash...You Dry says:

    Lol- a man who likes to volumize-

    But seriously… what a beautiful post! Sometimes we forget what truly matters.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Beautifully said. Something I needed to hear this morning.Thank you.

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  7. I need a Time Out! What a great post. I can relate to all of your feelings…have been going through my own reality check lately myself. Thanks for sharing your words!


  1. […] first experience with Time Out For Women was about a year and a half ago.  My mother-in-law and two sisters (in-laws) went for a girls weekend for their conference held in […]

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