Two Holiday Cookies {GLAD to Give}

We are in a season of giving.

It’s a time when most of us are busy in our kitchens baking and packaging our favorite recipes to give to neighbors and friends.  The smell of Christmas fills my home on those days while the glow of the Christmas tree brightens the room.

I’m sure you have a few favorite cookie recipes, as do I {I’ve shared mine below} and I know that I had better make double batches.  You see, we have little cookie thieving elves in our house.  What?  You have them too!?  Good, I was beginning to think it was just me.

The other day I whipped up a batch of my favorite cookies {the little cookie thieving elves were hungry} and took them over to my grandmother’s house for a cookie exchange.  It just happened to be her birthday.  We had a wonderful time eating and visiting and then eating some more.  The great grand-kids ran around {snatching cookies along their way} playing games filling the home with laughter and just a few screams.

It’s those sounds from the children I cherish the most.  I admit that I try to live in a bubble where everything is peachy but every once in awhile something happens to shrink that bubble.  Recently some friends of ours lost their young daughter to leukemia.  Everything happened in a matter of days.  Unexplained illness, blood tests, hospitalization, diagnosis, and treatment.  They were able to keep her on earth a few extra days but soon after diagnosis she lost her short battle.

I get choked up just thinking about it.  I know that, if given the chance, any parent would trade places with their child in this situation.  There wasn’t much at the time we could do to make things better except pray for them and show our love and support.  In another small way to honor the life of sweet Isabella I’ve teamed up with the makers of GLAD products for their “Glad to Give” campaign.

In an effort to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer GLAD wants people across the nation to gather your friends and family and host a cookie exchange.  You can register your cookie exchange at Cookies For Kids’ Cancer and track how many cookies are exchanged.

I also encourage you to exchange a virtual cookie through GLAD’s Facebook Page.  For each cookie sold, exchanged or given this Nov/Dec 2011 GLAD will donate $.10 {up to $10,000} to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!  Support a worthy cause and enjoy some delicious cookies at the same time.

Pediatric cancer is the number one cause of death by disease of children in the U.S.  Raising money to fund the research necessary for new therapies and prevention is key.

Here are a couple of my favorite cookie recipes to get you started!

Disclosure: I received a baking kit including GLAD containers and a stipend as part of the Tastemaker program with Foodbuzz and GLAD.  My opinions and stories are my own.


  1. I’ve never seen mint chips at my grocery store…maybe I’ll chop up some Andes mints for those! YUM!

    • Ooo, Andes mints would be awesome! Bummer your store doesn’t carry mint chips though. I’m pretty sure there would be a small riot if my store stopped carrying them. I would definitely feel the need to protest! 😉

  2. These sound really tasty, love mint chocolate.

  3. For those who would like to donate cookies, our site at Drop In & Decorate () has some information about how to donate to nonprofit organizations.

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