Cookie Candy Bars {Egg & Nut Free}

Awhile back I posted this bundt cake recipe {sidenote: every time I hear the word bundt my mind plays the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding…”Oh, it’s a cake!”} and I got quickly got a response from Kristin saying something to the affect of “Yay!  This doesn’t have eggs in it so I can make it for my son who is allergic to eggs!”

My first reaction was whoa…back the cake train up.  I know I put eggs in it.  Did I put eggs in it?  Yes, I’m sure I put eggs in it.  Did I not add the eggs to the recipe!?  Oh no, it’s already posted!  People will be making eggless bundt cake flops and riot for sure!

Okay, I didn’t actually think people would riot.  I mean, really, who am I?

Well, apparently I had too many {or too few} Diet Cokes that day and had failed to add the eggs to my list of ingredients.  Whoopsies!

BIG whoopsies.  There are actually 3 eggs in the recipe.  Don’t worry, the correction was made so you can sleep well tonight knowing riots won’t be erupting over un-risen, eggless bundt cakes.

As you can imagine, having a son with egg allergies Kristin’s baking recipes are a bit limited.  That doesn’t stop her though.  She sent me this dreamy recipe for a cookie bar.  Easy, delicious, and best of all, egg free!

Coming tomorrow: Gluten AND nut free!


  1. Yummilicious! Wanna try this out now! Oreos are my favourite. Buzzed you. found you through foodbuzz. You can watch out for my blog aswell @

  2. This is my kind of candy bar. I adore butterscotch chips. I love that picture of the food processor with the oreo sitting on top!

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