Sugar Free Pecan Balls {and a piece of my mind}

I don’t make sugar free cookies.

I mean, sugar free and cookie!?  They don’t belong in the same sentence.

Until now.

Yep.  That’s right.  This carb lovin’, sugar lickin’, cookie cravin’ maniac just made sugar free cookies and liked them!

What is this world coming to I tell ya!?  Actually, I will tell you one story about the world and I’m switching to my serious face.  I know it’s not that often you see it since I do think my life is rather hilarious so I’ll be brief.

The other day I happened to be out doing a little Christmas shopping.  There was traffic galore and the stores were packed but I was enjoying a little time to myself.  I was leaving the mall when I noticed someone waiting in a car by the curb near the mall entrance.  My first thought was, “Boy, it drives me nuts when people wait there.”  but I was so relaxed from having some time to myself I brushed it off easily.

There were quite a few cars driving around trying to park and before I had the chance to cross the street a car drove by the one that was waiting by the curb and honked rather obnoxiously.  There were dozens of people walking just feet away whom I’m sure would agree.

I get the point.  The lady was irritated because there was this car waiting by the curb, partially blocking traffic, and people are walking all over the place.  Whatever.

So, why am I telling you this story?

I was fortunate enough to see why the car was waiting there.  She was waiting there because her mother {I’m assuming that’s who it was} was walking out hand in hand with {again, I’m assuming} her cane yielding grandmother.  This sweet grand daughter sat there waiting in the car so that her grandmother wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the car.  All the handicap spots were taken so this was the only option.

I know this time of year can be stressful.  I’m guilty of freaking out sometimes.  Let’s just all try to remember to be a little less quick to judge.  You’ll miss out on tender moments {and feel like an idiot} if you are the car honking simply because she was annoyed at where this car was waiting.  Just drive around it and move on.

The end.  Go make some cookies.  And like them.


  1. Love your story. It’s such a good reminder to relax & enjoy the season 🙂

    Love pecans!

  2. Those are one of my favorites. And sugar free too? Perfect!

  3. I am just jealous you got time by yourself with no kids! Bless you! I am always surprised at those who are in such a hurry during the holidays… I say let’s drag it out as long as we can! 🙂

  4. Great thoughts! I totally agree. And love the pecan cookies-sugar free to boot!

  5. I hear ya. This time of year brings out the good and the ugly. It’s a shame and I have to take deep breaths at times to make sure I’m not part of the ugly.
    Your cookies look great, sugar free and all 🙂

  6. These are such a great idea & I LOVE that they are sugar free too 🙂

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