Low Fat Gingerbread Men Cookies {Kids Can Cook Toosday}

Someone get these away from me.  Fast.

I’ve bitten the heads off of a handful of these because I thought it was funny {I have anger issues} and I wanted an excuse to eat them.  Okay, really I just wanted an excuse to eat them.  I hate wasting food.

Fortunately for me I have four boys who thought they were just as good as I did and they also thought it was just as funny to bite their heads off.  I was so made to have boys.

Since I am so well versed with regards to baking with my kids I decided to bake these alone this time.  It somewhat defeats the purpose of cooking with your kids but I’m still recovering from my last experience and I knew they would have way more fun decorating them.

That is if they would leave their heads on long enough.


  1. I love using boxed cake mix for cookies. I will be looking for the spice cake mix, it sounds perfect and these are adorable gingerbread men!

  2. I just love gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread anything for that matter!

  3. Yummy! See, they’re low fat, so you CAN eat as many as you want. 🙂

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