Shortbread with Chocolate and Sea Salt {Egg/Nut Free}

Besides peanut butter and chocolate one of the best flavor combinations known to man is chocolate and salt.  Period.  End of discussion.

I was not the first to jump on the bandwagon but now I am the president of the fan club.  Well, I could be.

Even my kids couldn’t keep their chubby little hands off.  Okay, when do they keep their hands off of anything really!?  Except when it involves brussels sprouts.  Those are definitely all mine.

My intention was to roll out the shortbread {which just happens to be the best cookie ever with just 4 little ingredients!}, cut the hearts then bake it.  I finally caught on after “kneading” the dough for 5 minutes that I may have added too much flour.  How’s that for a work out?

“I got my workout in today, honey.”

“Oh, that’s great!  What did you do?”

“I made cookies.  Then I ate them.”

You totally burn calories chewing.  And I’m also convinced that it doesn’t actually count if you are not sitting down to a meal.  Welcome to my morphed mind.  Sit down.  Take a load off.

Fortunately, that wasn’t exactly our conversation because I made these for a friend and I delivered them that night.

Hey, I couldn’t have these things sitting on my counter just staring at me with their flaky, chocolaty, salty goodness.  I’m not made of steel.


  1. These are cute! Btw, you’ve been a posting MACHINE lately!

  2. Shortbread are some of my favorite cookies! Yours look lovely – I love the shape you chose 🙂 I’m co-hosting the #cookielove blog hop on my blog – would you consider sharing this recipe there? I think they would be a perfect addition!

  3. I am a huge fan of shortbread. I love the shape of your cookies. Sounds delicious!

  4. i LOVE the crinkly heart cut out cookies :D. this is perfect for winter and for valentines day! welcome to our #cookielove bloghop!

  5. Perfect looking shortbread, especially with the added chocolate!

  6. I’m with you — chocolate and sea salt is a great combination. Love the layered topping on this shortbread.

  7. What a great gift idea – i am still trying to decide on mine. . .

  8. Wow, this looks amazing, absolutely amazing! I love this idea..just beautiful!!!

  9. Definitely bookmarking this for my “must make” list!

  10. Jennifer @ Mother Thyme says:

    These look marvelous and I love the combination. I look forward to trying these as these are right up my alley and I need a few more cookies to make for the holidays!

  11. Yes, I can definitely agree that chewing is a workout as well. It is actually my most favorite workout. Your heart shaped cookies looks lovely and seeing the ingredients, I think they are very delicious as well.

  12. I’ll bet they taste as good as they look! One of my favorite kind of cookies!

  13. Totally pinned…these cookies look great!

  14. Oh wow, those look incredible.

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