Almond Flour Chocolate Sables {Gluten and Egg Free}

I’m so high on chocolate right now I got nothin’.  Take it away, Holly!

It’s absolutely no secret that I am a bit obsessed with chocolate.

That has already been proven here on BGM with the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate gift idea Krista let me share last month.  Here is another cookie recipe to go along with it and this time it is completely gluten free!

The recipe also uses no eggs, so there is an allergy friendly twofer for you. {Aren’t you lucky!? -K}

I’m still new to the gluten free baking world and have just started experimenting with it but I’ve found that there are so many alternative flour choices out there that it can all be fairly overwhelming.  I keep coming back to one I’ve been familiar with for years as an added ingredient, but had never really given too much thought to using as the star performer – almond flour!  Simply enough, almond flour is just blanched almonds, ground as finely as possible.  If you like almonds, then you’ll have no problem using it in place of wheat flours in a recipe.

To make these cookies extra special for Christmas you can even decorate them with a festive little chocolate monogram that can be easily made out of chocolate ‘candy clay’ also known as chocolate plastic.  The chocolate monogrammed buttons are placed on top of a white chocolate mint disk and the combination actually makes the chocolate cookie (which is already fantastic on it’s own) taste a lot like a really high-class, homemade thin mint cookie!  What’s not to love about the chocolate/peppermint combination during the holidays, right!?

Let the baked cookies relax on the pan for a while until they are completely cooled and you can wrap them up and deliver them as is, or if you want to get fancy, like I mentioned before, you can decorate them with some cute little monogram stamped chocolate and even brush the little buttons with some luster dust for a really festive look.  Of course here, I had to go with a “H” and some little holly berries – I’m nothing if not predictable!  Tis the season to be Holly after all!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!



  1. This look so dark and chocolaty, yum!

  2. So cool! I love the monogram buttons! 🙂 How unique! I have never used almond flour before, I’ll have to give it a try! Buzz!

  3. LOVE those little buttons on top.

  4. YUM and love the decor!

  5. Love the idea of these GF cookies…and that monogram is genius. Great guest post. How is the chocolate high going?

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