Veggie Pot Pie Pockets

I don’t know about you but I’m trying to eat more vegetables.

Especially after the 12 days of cookies I just shared.  And ate.

I promise you that when I devised this genius plan my intentions were good.  REALLY!  Somehow along the way my carb loving, comfort food craving side took over.

What better way to get more vegetables than to bake them inside a little pouch of doughy goodness, it said.  Oh, how easily I’m won over.  I happily obliged and the vegetable pot pie pocket was born.

I love the way my mind works.

The idea of this grab n’ go meal originally came from my Breakfast Pockets.  It’s the only dough recipe I haven’t destroyed in some way and I figured anything would be good with that dough.  I was right.  Even broccoli is good with that dough.


I almost hate to say what I’m about to say for the simple fact that this was intended to be more healthy but what the heck.  The next time I make these I’m adding cheese.


  1. What a fun idea! These look delicious.

  2. Oh, yes, cheese please! This is a great way to get kids to eat some broccoli.

  3. THis is such a great, family friendly dinner idea!

  4. Would love some of this for lunch today – looks so good.

  5. Looks really good! I am going to pin this!

  6. Made these tonight! Gotta get the dough part down, but other than that they were delicious!!!

  7. I’m going to try these very soon!

  8. Made these for dinner. Used “Hot Roll Mix” instead of making bread dough from scratch. They were delicious! We love your filling! My husband said, “This recipe is a keeper.”

  9. I posted these on my blog and linked back to you. Thanks again!!

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