My {not a} New Year’s Resolution

I have a little problem.

Okay, a big one.

I like food.  No.  I luuuuuuuuuv food.

The only reason this is a problem is the combination of food and lack of willpower.  Do you see where this is headed?

A-yep.  It’s that age old tradition of New Year’s resolutions.  I am not doing that though.  I’m writing this BEFORE New Year’s Eve so these are not New Year’s resolutions.  These are momentary lack of good judgement, one too many diet cokes, laying it all out there for everyone to see resolutions.

HUGE difference.

Before I had Little Squirt I ran.  I ran my first 10K.  I actually ran the whole thing.  Okay, I walked for like a total of 2 minutes.  That was 2 years ago.  I can’t blame my tummy on pregnancy anymore.  I’ve had plenty of time to recover from my c-section.  Plus, I really do missing running.  I miss the mind game and the feeling after a run that kicked my butt.

So.  I’m doing something cuh-razy.

I’m signing signed up to do the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June.  I start training…uh…yesterday.

That was my original goal before we headed down the “one more kid” path.  After a few detours I’m back on the Half Marathon path.

It feels good.


  1. How fun! I am so excited for you! I will send you many many good thoughts while you are training!

  2. I’ve been trying to talk myself into signing up to run the Kansas City half marathon again. I need to just do it. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. AHHH!! You ARE crazy, but I’m rooting for you!

  4. Wow!! You go, girl!!

  5. So exciting! In no time you’ll be running a full marathon 🙂


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