Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Little Squirt’s first word is “thank you”.  I am the best parent.  In the world.

Date night with mr.  I ate a lot.  Then ate some more.  Where’s the treadmill?

Hanging out with my bestie and her daughter.  She doesn’t know it yet but I’m fully prepared to adopt her.  We need more estrogen in this house anyway.

This was on sale.  Finally.  I opened it before I even put away the groceries.  I am in trouble.

Letting my creative side shine.  Wrap Fest 2011.

Our Christmas morning tradition.  I’m still recovering from sugar coma.


  1. OHHH cookie spread. I bought that during my ICK phase and thought it was good, but like most food I eat during that time I get really fickle about it. My husband quickly inhaled it and suggested that I not buy it anymore. He has zero self-control.

    • Sweets and no self-control is not a great combination…we are in the same boat! Food aversions are the worst! There are still things I can’t eat to this day because they made me sick when I was prego. Dang! So glad you are starting to feel better!

  2. OMG we have the SAME Christmas morning tradition. Go look on my blog and see:

    And…I just passed your blog and the pretzel recipe on to my sister-in-law. We’re going to try it!!

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