Fast and Easy Thin Crust Pizza

I am a closet A&E watcher.

When no one is looking I plop down in my favorite recliner {seriously, how old am I!?}, turn on the tv, and watch at least one of the billion Hoarders or Intervention programs I have on the DVR.

I just can’t help myself.

It’s kinda like driving by a car wreck and not being able to look away.  You want so badly not to look but you just can’t stop yourself.  The more I watch the more addicted I am to it.  Maybe I should be on Intervention for watching too much Intervention.

Whatever. I don’t have a problem.  I can stop watching anytime.

You don’t believe me?


You are right.  I don’t have the self control.

I also have very little self control when it comes to pizza.  The melted cheese, the pepperoni, the crust.  OH MY!

Pizza and training for a half marathon don’t exactly go hand in hand…all the time.  That doesn’t mean I don’t crave it.  So the other night I let the kids whip up a few of these with their favorite toppings.  All of their pizzas resembled monsters, of course, because everyone knows a monster face pizza tastes SO much better.  They loved it and I quickly fell in the love with the idea that I could whip one of these up for lunch when I get a hankerin’.

I’ve discovered a large tortilla makes more than enough so next time I’ll use a smaller tortilla when it’s just for me.


  1. Yum! This looks so tasty!

  2. never tried a tortilla pizza. does it stay crisp?

  3. I love tortillas for pizza crust. We grill them like this too, they are perfect!

  4. Ooh, I am so saving this idea for when my nephew comes to visit and can actually eat solid food. So cute and fun!

  5. I am all about thin pizza crusts, the best way to enjoy loads of toppings!

  6. My wife and I have been doing something very similar lately with the oval shaped flat bread. It crisps up real nice and makes an awesome crisp thin crust pizza!

  7. Oh I never thought to do this, what a great lunch idea!!

  8. I’m loving the idea of tortilla pizza! So easy and quick. Your story and honesty cracks me up. I think we all have those moments and special shows. 🙂

  9. Just wanted to let you know, we tried these today! Fabulous! We made sauce and cheese, and bbq chicken and cheese. Huge hit with the kids!!


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