Double Chocolate Waffles with Strawberry Syrup

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year.  Dang.

That means no sleeping in, no breakfast in bed, no staying in pajamas all day.


My kids don’t sleep in even on the weekends.  Breakfast in bed!?  I’d have to wash the sheets.  Pajamas all day!?  I do that anyway.

Oh.  Okay.  Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday isn’t so bad after all.

So, with the kids scrambling off to school on this special Tuesday I want breakfast to be just as special.  After all, Valentine’s Day comes only once a year.  And I need an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast.

What better way to kick off this day of love than with some chocolate waffle love.

Double. Chocolate. Waffle. Love. {said in my best Barry White voice}

Oh yeah.  You know that’s right.

Seriously,  Barry White just makes me giggle.

So do these waffles.  Giggle with pure joy at their awesomeness.

The morning I made these I paced in front of the waffle iron back and forth and back and forth until the little light blinked done.  Then I stood there for a moment not sure I wanted to open the lid.  Finally, before the smell of burnt waffle filled the air I cautiously lifted the lid, peeked inside, and…success!

Which is why I giggle with joy.  Plus, chocolate for breakfast?  With strawberry syrup!?  AND whipped cream!!?

Ha.  NO BRAINER folks.

Better yet…these waffles freeze beautifully which means Mommy doesn’t have to drag herself out of bed to make these for her little darlings any sooner than it takes a toaster to reheat them.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Mommy!  And the kids too.  I really did it for the kids.  Really.


  1. Jennifer | Mother Thyme says:

    My kids (and I) would love these delicious waffles! Definitely going to be trying these the next time I whip up some waffles!

  2. yum!! this sounds like a fun and delicious way to start Valentine’s Day 🙂

  3. Delicious! I love chocolate waffles with strawberries. This is a perfect V-day breakfast 🙂

  4. hi! i just met you through deborah’s spotlight. you’ve got a lovely blog here! love the pics!

  5. I made many pancakes in the past but never waffles. I love waffles and I know I got a waffle iron somewhere in a box tucked away in the basement. These look great!

  6. Great idea for Tuesday! I might do them Monday night so they’re ready to go. As much inspiring as I do for others, recipewise, I was feeling very uninspired for my own Valentine’s Day this year. This will give me the kick start that I need!

  7. Such yummy looking waffles!! Love the sauce.

  8. These look amazing for Valentine’s Day. So sad that I saw it a day late! Will have to save it for next year.

  9. Hi Krista, I’m making these for breakfast tomorrow and am super excited about it (been waiting all week, lol)… will let you know how they turn out and thanks again for the recipe =))


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