Doughnut Hole Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I did a bad bad thing.

Do I feel guilty about it?

Not in the slightest.

Mr. just got back from a trip to Hawaii for “work”.  Yeah.  I wasn’t fooled either.  Okay, there was some work in between the fire dancers, fireworks show, and sleeping in a hotel suite with 2 bathrooms.  He tried to make me feel better by saying one was only a half bath.

Only a half bath!?  I feel much better.

So, while he was gone {slaying dragons and bringing home bacon} I decided to get a little crazy.

This week is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week.  Does this mean we get a week off from school!?

It should.

So while I was wallowing in the craziness that is my life {and not thinking about the two bathrooms where mr could pee without child interference} I had a crazy idea.

A crazy wonderful, evil genius idea.

You’ve heard of stuffed chocolate chip cookies, right!?  I’m pretty sure we have the genius that is Picky Palate to “blame” for that.

You can blame me for this obscenity that is the Doughnut Hole Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week!

Now go eat a salad


  1. STOP THE PRESSES…..I SO have to make this recipe. I’ve made the Oreo stuffed as well, but these….omg….
    And no, I don’t believe your husband either!!
    Thanks for making my day!!

  2. oh my goodness!!!!!!

  3. OMG- You did not make this! It is so wickedly Delicious looking, Oh my! I need to go to the gym just looking at your pictures 🙂

    • Thanks Chels! Yes, just live vicariously through me. Think if I live vicariously through you I’ll burn the same amount of calories? Hmm.

  4. This is the work of some sweet munchies genius! Never in my dreams…

  5. So, do you need my address to send a few of these to? By a few, I mean dozen. YUM!!

  6. These cookies look delicious, awesome idea!

  7. Just when I thought all the options of stuffing a cookie were exhausted, you make these! Yay!

  8. Annalisa Thaler says:

    Thanks for the laugh and delicious cookies! I love your cooking and your witty mind 🙂

  9. I’m speechless, literally. You’re a genius!

  10. I knew I loved you.

  11. A serious treat, wowza!

  12. Such FUN cookies!

  13. Oh my goodness these are delicious. Thank you so much I just received mine from the Colorado Wildfires Bake Sale!! We are in heaven and will now spend the weekend exercising nonstop!!

  14. Hi, i was just wondering whether you could use Muscavado sugar in replace of the brown sugar?

  15. mmm these look delicious! would definitely try them 🙂 one question please.. how are doughnut holes made? because I didn’t understand that part. Thanks! x x


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