Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Cupcake

I guess I’ve been working a lot lately.

My 18 month old apparently had enough yesterday and let me know it.

I was trying to catch up on emails, do some design, and try to work with what little I know about the technical side of blogging.  He walked right up to me and shut my computer.

After a moment I opened it back up, just to log out of everything {really!}, and he walked right back over and closed it again.

Little squirt.

Of course I immediately shut everything down so he would have my full attention.  And it was nap time.

While my sweet little trouble maker was napping I indulged.

Hey.  I said I’ve been working a lot.

So a cookie in a cupcake!?  Whose genius idea was that and why doesn’t he/she run for president!?

Speaking of presidential nominations, I’ve got a candidate people could get behind.

Browned. Butter. Buttercream.

Why have I not discovered this sooner!?


  1. Throw browned butter into anything, and I’ll lick the bowl clean!!

  2. I would totally vote for BBB for president. How do we get her on the ballot? (Because it’s so good, it must be a her.) YUMMY cupcakes!

  3. Hi! I might totally be missing it in the post (it’s been that kind of day!) but how much flour did you use? I plan on making these tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Wow. That’s completely embarrassing! I corrected the recipe so it should work great. You could also take a shortcut and use boxed cake mix but it would probably make double the cupcakes…double the trouble!


  1. […] might be the skinny girl in me saying “Girl, you feed me one more chocolate cupcake with browned butter buttercream and I’m gonna slap you silly.  But it’s soooooo good.”  Luckily I’ve […]

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