Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

So here’s the thing…

as much as I love eating sweets ALL the time I enjoy eating healthy too.  I have more energy, I’m not quite as scatterbrained {I think}, I look better, yada yada yada, insert typical “eat healthy” advice here.

Plus, when I’m not eating what I know I should I have this constant inner monologue going on in my head.  Whatever.  You know you do it.

I probably shouldn’t eat this.

Oh just one bite.  Or two.  Or three.  I must have blacked out and someone stole my cupcake because it’s gone.

Ugh.  I shouldn’t have eaten that.  I feel like a cow.  But is was sooooooo good.  But now I feel like a cow.  But it was soooooo good.

This goes on at least once a day.

I have issues, okay.

When I was coming up with the recipes for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week I was stoked {it’s a word. yes I did check}.  At this point and I never thought I would be saying this, I’m kinda chocolate chip cookied out.

Check for a fever I must be coming down with something.

It might be the skinny girl in me saying “Girl, you feed me one more chocolate cupcake with browned butter buttercream and I’m gonna slap you silly.  But it’s soooooo good.”  Luckily I’ve figured out a way to satisfy my sweet tooth and the skinny girl in me.

A healthier version of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip.  I seriously have no idea where this idea came from but my BFF Holly has a version on her blog that she got from another awesome blog that got it from another awesome blog.  And so it goes.

And so it continues.





  1. This will now be today’s after school snack. Thank you!

  2. Mmm. Mix it into granola! I love your changes and you know I adore you! Thanks for the shout out!


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