Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Sometimes I think I have really good ideas.

Today’s Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe is a good idea.  Bacon and cheese make everything better.

Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie with a week’s worth of chocolate chip cookie type recipes…maybe not such a good idea.  It was clear by the end that I was not the only one who was tired of seeing chocolate chip cookies.  Sorry bout that.

Lesson learned.  Maybe.

Don’t hold it against me if I suddenly dedicate an entire week to the awesomeness that is browned butter.  That was a marvelous discovery last week.

For now, though, things should start getting back to normal around here.  And by normal I mean hideous amounts of cheese and probably a Diet Coke or two {which I am still trying to kick.  By the way.}

I even have a vegetable post!  Shocking, I know.  It’s not that we don’t eat them it’s just that apparently I don’t find them intriguing enough to write about.  With spring and summer just around the corner I’m looking forward to that changing.  I already see the big fat strawberries in the grocery store and practically have to restrain myself from spending $4 for them.

Speaking of restraining myself, I can’t possibly restrain myself any longer from screaming from the rooftops that I am in love.  With this cheese.

I know.  You are probably thinking, here she goes again and, quite possibly, I thought we were talking about strawberries!?

Now we are talking about cheese.  Again.  Cuz cheese is the one food I couldn’t live without.

Remember this post from a couple weeks ago?  Along with the cheddar, Redwood Hill Farm sent me some Roasted Chile Chevre.  I almost ate the entire container with a wrapper full of Ritz.  True story.

Fortunately, I had the common sense to realize two things.  One, I was in the middle of making dinner.  A dinner I wanted to eat.  And two, I knew that Ritz crackers {as much as I freakin love them} were not the vessel I wanted to devour the deliciousness that is this chevre on.

It wasn’t long before I knew how it would meet it’s fate.  And it won’t be long before we have another chevre episode.  Maybe there will be a few strawberries there too.

This post was sponsored by Redwood Hill Farm.  They sent me some of their fabulous cheeses to sample however, they have not paid me to say their cheese rocks.  It just does.  The end.


  1. Bacon makes everything better, definitely more so when paired with cheese.

  2. I see nothing wrong with a week full of chocolate chip recipes, or browned butter recipes, for that matter!! LOVING this recipe – I need to get my hands on some of that cheese!

  3. This looks like some amazing chicken!

  4. even as a non meat eater, I can appreciate the great idea here. and goat cheese, YES.

    I look forward to brown butter week 😉

  5. This looks like something that my husband would flip for. Bacon is his passion, lol!

  6. Cheese and bacon do indeed make everything better! These look just as delicious as they sound – they’d make such a lovely dinner party food!

  7. I’d say this is definitely a good idea. Bacon wrapped around a delicious, cheese-filled chicken breast? Bring it!

  8. OH YUM!!! I just finished curing and smoking 20# of bacon; I gave away 15# to friends who had bought shares but even ‘only’ five pounds of bacon is a lot and I know the spicy version would be perfect for this dish. Did I say YUM??

  9. This is a really good idea! I want it for dinner now too.

  10. bacon and cheese make everything better!

  11. I made these for supper tonight and they were a huge hit! I’d never tasted or cooked with chevre before and I have to say, I really, really like it. I used a oregano, marjoram, and garlic-flavored chevre, followed your technique, and the stuffed chicken breasts were awesome! Thanks for a great recipe!

    • Yay! Thanks for telling me Stephanie! Isn’t chevre incredible!? Of course, that’s coming from a cheese fanatic. I’m so glad you liked the recipe!

  12. Just found this recipe posted by a friend on Pinterest. Sounds de-lightful. I don’t know if we can find that particular brand of chevre around here….will any goat cheese do?

    • Thank you Laurie! Any goat cheese should do just fine. I especially loved the heat added from this particular cheese but if you can’t find it you might want to add a little heat yourself in the form of hot chiles or even a little jalapeño. I hope you like it!

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