Real life + A Special Birthday

Let’s talk real life for a sec.

This is the picture of a chocolate cake.

It’s the chocolate cake my son asks for every year on his birthday.  Yes, he makes his mother very proud.

His birthday is today.  Six years ago today this little pink screaming bundle of skin was placed on my belly and I just love him more each day.  Naturally I want to create a special day just for him with bells and whistles and streamers and cake and presents.

There’s just one problem.

I am sick. as. a. dog.

{which, by the way, doesn’t really make any sense to me cuz I don’t think a dog can get sicker than a person and don’t you take them to a vet if they are sick?   But whatever.  I’d give someone all the tea in China not to feel the way I feel.  Right now}

The other problem is I have 4 kids and no husband at the current moment.  He is currently slaying dragons and bringing home bacon from California.  Whoopididoo!  Honestly though, he did look for Speculoos Cookie Butter just for me while he was down there.  Now that is love.

While he was gone we did have our fill of adventures other than my current state of disarray.

My mother says I should write a book.  One of these days.  And yes.  That is a whole roll of toilet paper in my toilet.  That was a fun fishing expedition {insert eye roll}.  I also had bubbles spilled all over my floor and toothpaste squirt all over my bathroom sink.

Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

This is what happens when mom is sick.  But life goes on and my very wise friend told me, as she consoled my sobbing hot mess over the phone, that we set much higher expectations for ourselves {and our kid’s birthdays} then we realize or should try to live up to.

It’s true.  Whether you have kids or not.  We can be our own worst enemy and our loudest critic.

So tonight {thurs night} as I type this in a somewhat therapeutic way I am calm and at peace with the fact that my little buddy will have a great birthday tomorrow.  He may not have all the bells and whistles that I think he should have but he will have family.  He will have me.  He will have his brothers.  He will know he is loved.

And a few presents never hurt.


  1. I just freaking love you and am so proud of you! I’m sure his birthday will be an awesome day! Just emailed you a little something that hopefully helps! 😉

  2. omg do our kids even have the same birthday??? You have to read my post for today and see if the date is the same!!! I feel badly you’re sick and I was nodding my head furiously at the high expectations part of your blog post. I was right there with you yesterday (although not sick) trying to make sure I had everything to make everything perfect. Then it hit me: SHE didn’t know I was planning “all this” and if I skipped the one little thing I couldn’t get to, it’d only be ME that’d know. I was okay with it. Not 100% okay but okay enough. Hang in there and feel better…

    • How funny! They do have the same birthday! Talk about the best gift ever for your hubby on his birthday. How could you possibly top that!? He did end up having a great birthday and I’m on the mend, although much more slowly than I’d prefer. I hope your family had a great time celebrating birthdays this weekend too!

  3. I’m so sorry your sick! It’s the absolute worse when you get sick and you have something exciting going on such as a birthday. This too, shall pass- as my mom always says. I just hope it passes very quickly for you 🙂

    BTW- your blog looks great and I’m drooling over that cake! Feel better!!!

    • So true Chels! Thank you so much! There were definitely other weekends that would have worked out better for me to be sick but you work with what ya got. It turned out to be a very fun day!

  4. I’ll bet his day was made with this cake and the presents! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Thanks Jen! Despite me feeling under the weather the cake got done, we had a great time with family and he got some fun gifts! I’ve been resting all day to get over this cold. Whew!


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