I Vow to Eat More Veggies

I’m just gonna put this out there.  Here goes.

I have a really hard time eating my vegetables.

Whew.  I feel better.

It’s not that I don’t like vegetables, I really do.  In fact, there are quite a few that I down right love and could eat every day for the rest of my life.  artichokes.  mushrooms.  bell peppers.

My problem is I don’t choose to eat them as often as I should which puts me in the same category as thousands of other people in this country who skimp on the recommended serving.  We have at least one vegetable to choose from at dinner, sometime I’ll toss them in an omelet for breakfast but it really all comes down to time.

I don’t have enough.  Who does!?  Time is a precious commodity and the older my kids get, the busier I get, the less time I have.

I’d like to think that given more time I would make healthier decisions like grabbing a carrot to crunch instead of a handful of Cheez-its but, truth be told, I seriously love Cheez-its.  They remind me of camping.  And s’mores.  I want a s’more.  No.  Wait.  Vegetables, we are talking about vegetables.

You see the trouble I get into!?  While I know having those things once in awhile is fine I do want to make healthier decisions day to day.  I certainly can’t wait around until I have more time.  That is never going to happen.  I’ve decided it’s time to take action.

Over the next two weeks I am participating in the Green Giant Veg Pledge and vow to eat at least one more cup of vegetables every day.  One more cup can’t be too difficult, right?

You could do it with me…and no, the lettuce and tomato on the drive thru hamburger don’t count.  Okay, you can count them but add an extra cup of greens to your dinner plate.

At the end I’ll follow up and let you know how I did, what I did, and I’m sure I’ll have couple recipes to inspire you!  Who’s with me?

Disclosure: I received coupons for Green Giant vegetables and a stipend as part of the Tastemaker program with Foodbuzz and Green Giant.  My opinions and stories are my own.  I really am just like you and need more vegetables in my life.


  1. Good luck! It is hard to get them all in. It wasn’t until I could no longer have delicious Cheez-its or basically anything processed, that I turned to carrots and other veggies for snacks.

  2. It’s all clear to me now why we’re BFF’s. I have such a hard time eating veggies too! I’m good about getting them to the kids, but me, not so much. Unless by some miracle the Diet Dew contains vegetable extract of some kind to get that terrible yellow color… yeah, not so much 😉


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