Giant Kitchen Sink Cookies

I’m going to tell you something and you absolutely can’t laugh.


Okay. Here goes nothing.

When I was a little girl I had the sound track to Little Mermaid and I would play Part of Your World and Kiss the Girl over and over and pretend I was kissing my prince.

But not just in my head. I would act it out and everything.

There I did it. You don’t think I’m crazy, right? RIGHT!?

Another little something about me, a lot less crazy, is I love to listen to the Disney Pandora station while I’m in the kitchen. It just makes me happy, as does baking so they seem to fit.

While I was in the kitchen the other day The Little Mermaid came on and for some reason my first thought was of me when I was little and dreaming of my prince charming {or Eric in this case}.

Even though I’ve found my Prince Charming {awwww} the dreaming doesn’t have to end. He was gone practically the whole month of March so I thought I’d do something nice. I’ve been dreaming of making these cookies ever since we ate one at a local burger joint. Its one of mr’s favorites and I think he’s kinda awesome. What the heck.

Plus, he let me go watch a movie the other day.  By myself.  You may not understand the joy in that but for me it was a breath of fresh air.  I had a huge Diet Coke all to my self which of course made me have to go to the bathroom half way through the movie.  {Yes, I held it.}  I got to have my own {butter free} popcorn.  There were no children wriggling around or climbing on my lap.  Well, I kinda missed that.

It was just fun.  The end.  And since I felt like I owed him one AND cuz I think he’s awesome these cookies were my way of saying it.

I call it a kitchen sink cookie because it has everything but the kitchen sink in it. Well kinda. I do realize there are dozens of other things you can add but it’s my cookie, my blog, so kitchen sink cookie it is.

Cookie heaven!


  1. Ha! If that’s weird then I’m sitting right next to you on the crazy train. And I want a cookie. Because if we are gonna ride this train (listening to Disneyall the way, which I too LOVE!) then there should definitely be cookies.

  2. Oh! And I freaking love the red egg beater!

  3. For some reasons, I always think that coconut, chocolate and nuts go together very well. This recipe might have just proved me right 🙂 Look so delicious. Bookmarking it and will try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I don’t know where in Utah you are, but if you’re within driving distance of Box Elder county you should check out the Disney show that the Old Barn Theatre is putting on starting this weekend.

    I’m going over to Collinston tonight to photograph the dress rehersal, the producer is my SIL’s sister.

  5. This absolutely looks like cookie heaven!

  6. Hello! My first visit to your blog, absolutely lovely!
    Your photography is gorgeous! =)

  7. I am SO jealous of your movie time. I can’t wait to see a movie ALONE. I never thought I’d ever want to see one alone but it’s a dream now. Pure luxury 🙂 btw I want a cookie now!! 😉

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