Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sometimes I feel like I’m living someone else’s life and any day now they’ll come to my door to take it back.

This week has been nothing short of awesome.

Mr has been home all week and cleaning.  Yes ladies, he is most definitely taken.  The kids are on Spring break.  The weather has been great {most of the time}.  I got a manicure, pedicure, and a hair cut all in the same day.

Sometimes the stars align and miracles do happen.

I had my first tv appearance yesterday on Studio 5 which was just crazy fun.

This week has indeed been awesome.  It has also been very busy with things like last minute shopping trips the night before said tv appearance trying to find a shirt that didn’t look like it had been hanging in the back of my closet for the last 5 years.

Needless to say my vow to eat more vegetables has been considerably more difficult than previously expected.  Aren’t new habits always hard to keep going!?

I have been trying to have more salads.

These Just For One Green Giant vegetables have been a huge help.  I personally like the broccoli and cheese.  They have cheese.  Who cares if there are vegetables except for the fact that they create a vessel to put the cheese in my mouth.

I have also found fun ways, with more cheese {I have a serious problem}, to add more vegetables in sneaky ways.  Like this Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Disclosure: I received coupons for Green Giant vegetables and a stipend as part of the Tastemaker program with Foodbuzz and Green Giant.  My opinions and stories are my own.  I really am just like you and need more vegetables in my life.


  1. Fabulous looking grilled cheese! Perfect since yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Day! Congrats on an awesome week and your tv appearance! 🙂

  2. This is amazing, Krista! I love the addition of the pizza sauce!

  3. I love Grilled Cheese! Don’t laugh, I just learned how to make a regular old grilled cheese like last year without scorching the bread, lol! This looks so unique and good. And what I wouldn’t do for a Mani/Pedi! It’s been almost 3 years 🙁

  4. I need more vegetables in my life too. Doesn’t everyone? I’ve been known to put kale in my grilled cheese…then again, I keep wondering whether it still counts as eating your vegetables when you smother them in cheese. I sure do hope so. See you in a few weeks at Camp Blogaway!

  5. I love those little ‘for one’ servings from green giant too! I am a sucker for the broccoli and cheese. This grilled cheese is beautiful too! We sneak spinach in all of our sandwiches too. 🙂

  6. I could eat a sandwich like this daily. Looks delicious!


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