Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake

So I’m trying this new thing.  It’s called breakfast.

You’ve heard of it, right?

I thought so.  Everyone has heard of it except me apparently because I hardly ever have it.  In fact, very rarely do I eat before 11 am on most days.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not hungry and everything to do with having 4 kids and a husband.  And a love for sleeping and showering.

If I have to choose between a shower and breakfast the shower is going to win because I try not to scare people off by my smell…usually.

This morning, after kicking and screaming most of the way, I finally tried an instant shake protein powder my husband gets at work.

Oh my heck!  Why did I not try this sooner!?  This Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake was awesome.

Sleep.  Shower.  And breakfast.  All in one day.

It’s a new record I tell ya.  And not one I’m planning on changing anytime soon.

Since I also like chewing this “shake as a meal” better be amazing.  It was and I’m having another tomorrow.  Then it’s Saturday so I’ll probably pass on the shake for pancakes because I can.

I think I like this new thing they call breakfast!


  1. I do smoothies a lot in the morning. Fast, and delicious!! This one sounds like a great one to try.

  2. This is a breakfast I could handle! I always struggle with what to eat, I am just not a fan of breakfast food!

  3. I’m a breakfast skipper as well. I usually just get going and rush out the door. If and when I eat it, it’s because I have company or I’m dying of starvation! This I could get used to though…

  4. What beautiful and creative pics!


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