Thunder Cake {Alphabet Summer Letter T}

I realized something the other day.  School.  Is.  Out.

Oh my gosh.  My kids are going to be home all day long.  With me.  What the heck am I going to do!?!

It took a few moments to compose myself and more than a few sips of diet coke until I remembered this genius project a few of my adorable neighbors put together called Alphabet Summer.

The idea is you pick a letter or two each week of summer and plan activities, books, and projects around that letter.

I tried it a few years back and it is work.  A lot of work.  I hate to say it, but more work than I really wanted to do.  We kinda did it.  A week here or there but nothing really consistent.

So when I found out the other day that they put together an ebook with lists of crafts, ideas, books, and movies I was sold.

I wanna be that “cool mom” but there’s just one problem.  That “cool mom” also has laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, work, and there is that pesky little thing called sleep that I also have to fit in during those summer weeks when all the kids are home.  I find that if I plan fun stuff around all the daily chores we all end up having fun and I get to be that “cool mom” if only for a moment.

This week we are playing around with the letter’s T and V.

One of my favorite childrens author is Patricia Polacco.  I have many of her books and absolutely love reading them.  One of her books is called “Thunder Cake” which, for obvious reasons, I chose to read to the kids.

It’s the story of a recipe that her Grandmother used to make during the summer months during a thunder storm. In the beginning the little girl is quite fearful of the storm but as she scurries around collecting ingredients for the cake, listening for the approaching storm, she becomes less afraid and excited for the cake.  Which is chocolate, by the way.  I’d be excited too.

As soon as the storm arrives the cake is done and they are sitting happily at the table devouring a piece.

Now, as much as I’d love to send you a piece of this cake I can’t.  But I can send you a copy of the Alphabet Summer Kit so you too can be the “cool mom” (or dad) this summer!  I have also shared the recipe for Thunder Cake below for you to use during “T” week but I urge to find this book.  The story and illustrations are fantastic! 

The giveaway starts right now for the Alphabet Summer Guide ebook and is open until midnight {PST} Monday, June 4 , 2012.  The winner will be chosen by and will be notified via email so make sure you enter your correct email address!  Contest open to residents of the world since shipping isn’t an issue. (picture is from Alphabet Summer

Here’s how to enter: GIVEAWAY CLOSED

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They will be sharing tips and ideas all summer long so be sure to check out their website to stay up to date.  Plus, they are having a crazy good deal on the book right now so if you can’t wait to win go buy it!

Disclosure: Alphabet Summer Kits gave me a copy of their book to review and one copy to give away.  I have not been compensated in any other way to promote their product.  All opinions, stories and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.


  1. I’m looking forward to meeting my daughter. 🙂

  2. I follow you on Twitter.

  3. I’m excited to have a plan for the summer!!

  4. I am looking forward to using fresh basil and tomatoes!

  5. Wow, the cake has tomatoes in it?! How clever and it turned out beautifully! I love the idea of the alphabet summer – what a great way to change things up for the kids.

  6. What a fun idea to pick a letter for each week to keep your kids entertained! This cake looks amazing and super tasty! I work full time, so the summer is not quite as special as it was when being a kid but plan to relax, travel around the Bay Area on short trips and entertain alot!

  7. My son will be out from school next Friday…and I’ll be stuck with the same situation. Fortunately my daugther’s preschool has no summer break, so I have to find things to do with him, which we used to do it until my dauther was born. So I’m kind of looking forward to our time. This booklet sounds really good! Any idea would help us having a fun day. Thanks for finding this and even giving a chance for us to win! Your kids did a fantastic job making this thunder cake. Trust me, I didn’t even make a single cake before… ugh… >_<

  8. I already follow your FB but realized I didn’t do it as my own account. So you got a new fan. 🙂

  9. I already follow your twitter.

  10. And started to follow Alphabet Summer Kits on twitter.

  11. One thing I want to do this summer is… THIS!! What a great idea! Since you are doing T and V does that mean your kids can watch TV?? LOL!! LOVE IT!

  12. I follow you on facebook!

  13. I follow you on Twitter!

  14. I tweeted the giveaway! Thanks Krista!

  15. What a great cake, and a great giveaway! My sons last day of school is tomorrow. I am already worried about what he is going to do this summer! I am looking forward to having friends visit, and going up into the mountains!

  16. I follow you on twitter

  17. I’m looking forward to our family vacation at the beach.

  18. I am super excited for camping!!!!

  19. Great idea about the letters my sister-in-law does the same thing with here kids. The cake looks really chocolaty and good.

  20. Spending more time with my kids

  21. This summer I’m looking forward to my daughter’s 3rd birthday!

  22. I “liked” Budget Gourmet Mom on Facebook

  23. I “liked” Alphabet Summer Kits on Facebook

  24. Mary Ann says:

    I am thrilled for the mountains and camping!

  25. My kids are on a break since May so we are in the zone of summer activities..pool, parks, picnics,cycling and we are looking forward to vacation….
    Great post! Lovin’ that cake, pics and giveaway!

    Following you on Twitter!!!!

  26. Well, this cake is a beauty! And I just LOVE the idea of an alphabet summer! What a fantastic idea, I wish I had known about it earlier. I may try it this year 🙂

  27. Did I make it in time for the giveaway? I NEED this book – LOL! The thing I’m looking forward to this summer is…picnics in the park with the kids!

  28. I follow you on Twitter!

  29. I follow Alphabet Summer on Twitter!

  30. I don’t have kids but I’ve played mommy for a week at a time to my 4 nieces and nephews so I understand what you are talking about–to an extent. 🙂 There really is not much time left to other things if they are to be kept busy. It’s fun but I can see the work that goes into keeping them productive…and yourself, sane! 🙂

    Love this cake!

  31. I was just thinking the other day I have to make a list with all sorts of activities. What a great idea to make an alphabet list!
    Wonderful cake, no wonder you picked the letter T, I had done the same

  32. Tomatoes in chocolate cake? Who would have guessed! While it sounds like chocolate cake with tomato sauce, I am curious,how does it taste?

    :/ :/

    • It was delicious! The only hint that there were tomatoes in the cake was the color once it baked. It gave the cake a slightly red tint. I’ll definitely be making this again!

  33. That cake with that cake stand is just so pretty! Reminds me of a local bakery cake displayed in a bakery window seal here in the south! Love it!


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