Ka-Bam Kabobs

If you want an amazing and ridiculously easy dinner, this is it.


A few years back I was playing around on Food Network looking for some new recipes.  I just happened to stumble onto this recipe which also happened to be from Emeril Lagasse.

At first I was like “Emeril!?”  Uh-no.  It’s gonna involve some strange ingredient that I have to trek all the way to Salt Lake to find, the kids are gonna take one look and make their stinky face, and I’ll have wasted half of my day only to end up with pizza for dinner.

Then I did something I can only say was the best decision of my life, next to marrying my sweet husband.  I actually read the recipe.

Oh my.  So glad I did. 

The best part about this recipe, other than the fact it calls for beef, is you broil it.  Which means that even if you are seconds away from heating up the grill for your dinner party and the looming clouds all of sudden decide to open up drenching your entire patio with an inch of rain you’re covered.  Literally.

So a big thank you to Emeril for making me look like I can do anything.


  1. Awesome! I love kabobs!!


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