Why Cleaning Can Make Life Easier

A lightbulb flickered on today.

The last few days…okay, weeks…have been hectic. As a stay-at-home working mom I’m juggling the kids, the usual chores, and work on a daily basis.

Lately the chores have fallen to the wayside. I’ve been doing the minimum to get by. Just surviving.

Today the kids and I spent some time cleaning. Really cleaning. And the strangest thing happened.

20120624-000448.jpg I relaxed.

I’ve been stressed which makes the kids stressed and makes the spirit in the home tense. I attributed it all to work and how I just needed more time to get everything done. The truth is I do need more time to get everything done but since that’s not going to happen I need to make some changes.

You’ve heard that the spirit cannot dwell in any unclean thing right?

Yeah. You just got the lightbulb too huh?

My house was cluttered. My mind was cluttered. My spirit was depressed.

I was amazed at how the kids seemed to get along better and I felt like I got a lot done.
So I guess the moral of the story is clean.

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