Caution: Spewing Ahead

As a woman and mother of four small children I have been known to spew, without warning, my issues to any unsuspecting person who comes into contact with me.

In fact, it’s happening with alarming frequency now that I’m trying to balance working from home and being a stay at home mom.

On one hand I have my motherly duties that take priority then comes work then housework and don’t even get me started on the chauffeuring that takes place in the depot that was once my home.

What is it about women, in general, that makes us think we need to handle everything on our own!?  Raise your hand if you’re guilty.  {Me raising my hand and jumping up and down} If you’re not raising your hand you’re either lying through your teeth, have an amazing therapist, or should be the President if the United States.

I suppose my weakness of trying to look strong is what ultimately makes me crack…like a thing…that cracks easily.  And hence, I spew.

I spew my current dilemma on what to cook for dinner, why life has to be so crazy, or how I haven’t showered in three days because my husband is traveling and I can’t trust the kids while I take five minutes to wash the stink off my body.

This is my life.

Would I trade for anything…heck no!!!  Just be careful if you are walking distance and it looks like I’m twitching.  That’s usually a sign I’m gonna blow.


  1. Spew Intervention Services now offered… on your phone. It’s called TEXT!!

    And, yes, you already know I do this too. Couldn’t stop laughing!

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