Red, White, and Blue Pastry Bites

It’s true that during a typical week we eat on a budget.

But when the holidays roll around that goes out the window and I like to fancy things up a bit.  Introducing my {still very budget friendly} star of the show…puff pastry.

I saw a cooking show once that shared how to make puff pastry from scratch and, while I do aspire to do that one day, right now I depend on that little box in the frozen foods aisle.  In fact, I always have one in my freezer in case I decide it’s a fancy day.

You have fancy days right!?  Well if you don’t, you should.  Perhaps it’s just my way to add a bit girliness to the sea of testosterone that I swim in daily.

Puff pastry may sound like a hard thing to bake with but if you can turn on the oven, are old enough to use a knife unsupervised, and have an unnatural love of butter than this is for you.

While baking isn’t the first thing I think of during the heat of summer it seems to be on my mind a lot lately.  I seriously have 4 posts currently sitting behind the scenes to share with you.  All of them are sweet and all of them require baking.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to help yourself either to one or three of these.  Perfect for dessert but completely acceptable as breakfast.


  1. oooh these look awesome! I will have to try them!! I actually have never made or bought puff pastry. I’ll have to expand my horizons…lol….

    • Mmmhh those are really very good ideas to cook and to taste when we are just taking the sun in the garden… And I suppose we can change with any other fruit, thanks!

  2. Oh my goodness! So cute and tasty looking! I love puff pastry!

  3. These look wonderful! Can’t wait to meet you in Park City

  4. These look absolutely delicious!

    I loooove to bake, even when it’s 90 out. 🙂

  5. Those look fabulous. Could you use tart cherries from a jar? I can’t find fresh ones.

    • Thank you Nancy! I’m sure cherries from a jar would do fine but I’d be sure to drain them so the puff pastry doesn’t get soggy when baked. I’m so sad that cherry season is over already but I am enjoying all the apples and pumpkins! I hope that works.

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