5 Apps No Mom Should be Without

These are in no particular order since I use them all equally.

Gratitude! – On my worst days this app reminds me that dirty dishes in the sink mean we ate dinner, piles of laundry mean we have healthy boys who can run and get dirty, and dirty bathrooms mean less diapers to change.  It redirects my thinking and helps me focus on what I’m grateful for.

My Fitness Pal to track those calories and help you avoid eating the macaroni and cheese leftovers from dinner because you’ll know you ate it even if you don’t log it in.

Depending on what your kids ages are Disney XD or Disney Junior. Grocery store freak outs happen much less and when I say freak outs I’m not referring to the kids.


I may get kicked for this one but I’m gonna say it anyway. Angry Birds. Call me the worst parent in the world but it has saved many a night at some type of sports practice.



Cozi. Not kidding. This app has saved me from forgetting to pick up my kid early from school. Super Mom status remains.

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