Green Grape Granita {Alphabet Summer – Letter G}

I’ve discovered I love frozen grapes.

It’s like a refreshing dessert that I can eat for a snack.  POP.  Goes one into my mouth.  POP.  Another.  POP.  Another.  I could go on for days.  But I won’t.

I’ve also discovered how expensive shaved ice is.  I mean seriously.  It’s frozen water and a dyed sugar syrup.  Is it really that expensive to make!?  I don’t think so.

With four kids I don’t want to take out a small loan every time they want a shaved ice…once or twice and I’m good…so we just made our own at home!  With grapes.  I figure it’s better for them and we skip out on waiting in line only to have one of them drop their’s on the ground seconds later.  True story.

I love this grape granita not only because the kids love it but I’d be happy entertaining company with it…if we ever actually had company over.


  1. I love frozen grapes…my mom made them for me when I was little. BUT I never thought to do something like this! YUM! My kids will be thankin’ you later today!

  2. I am just going to give you this one. I do not understand why everyone loves frozen grapes. i guess I suck.

  3. Oh wow…that is one amazing granita! I love your pics…very tasty, refreshing and beautiful! I wish i have some right now!

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