Browned Butter Blueberry Bars

I’m a total sucker for old movies.

I guess they are not thaaaaat old.  It’s not all the black and white ones so I guess you could call them slightly not current movies.

Movies like Bye, Bye Birdie {Conrad Birdie…ahhhh!}, The Sound of Music {“the hills are alive…”}, and The Music Man.  Which I happened to be watching while I was baking these browned butter blueberry bars.  And singing because you can’t not sing while watching this movie and baking.

I’m not sure my boys enjoyed it so much despite the fact that I had baked goods but it’s my job to embarrass them.  A job I take very seriously.

And I take baking seriously which is why the right tunes must be on for the object I’m baking to turn out right.  Some people talk to plants.  I talk to cookies.  What can I say.  It’s a gift.

Anyways, so I’m watching The Music Man and Marian starts singing…”there were bells, on the hill, but I never heard them ringing…” and I look over at the bars cooling…”til there was you…”.  I had a moment there where I totally connected with these bars.  Oh yes.  There was music, and wonderful roses, and sweet fragrant meadows of dawn…or in this case, browned butter.

Then…they were gone.  Just like a traveling salesman.  And the bells were gone.  Until I started baking again.


  1. I loooooove old movies. More than you even know. We should go to a conference together and watch one in our room. Ok, get on that.

  2. Why does browned butter just make everything sound so much more delicious?

  3. These look very tempting to eat! Yum!

  4. Just look at that ooey gooeyness!

  5. I love old movies too, ’40-’60 seen most of them.
    I wish teens would know to appreciate those classics.
    And these bars would be the prefect treat on a movie night

  6. Haha, totally love the Music Man, and I totally am loving these! Great photos Krista!

  7. I like blueberry everywhere! Really nice bars i will pin it to my Pinterest dessert collection!

  8. I recently made some brown butter blondies and wish I had thought of adding blueberries. These look delicious!

  9. These sound amazing! I love your pictures.


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