Oceanic Octopus Snack {Alphabet Summer – Letter O}

I think I love to play with my food almost as much as my boys.

Was I made to be the mother of boys or what!?

With Alphabet Summer wrapping up and the school year about to begin I thought I’d let these last two posts be all about playing with your food.  I know that once school starts it will be all about what’s quick and what’s filling.  No sir.  No more fun in this house.

You can certainly let the kids make their own octopus or cut them ahead of time.  I cut these with a pair of kitchen shears.  First, in half, then each “leg” in half until I had 8 legs.  Then lay out the spread for them to create their own oceanic scene.  I used grapes for seaweed, blueberries for bubbles, and crushed graham crackers for the sand.

The boys had fun gobbling these up and I had fun watching them until they finished, in record time I might add, and asked for more.  Uh…maybe next time I’ll opt for some more oceanic props.  Fishy crackers and  apple sharks.  Just for starters.


  1. Wendy @ AMFT says:

    Super cute idea!!!!

  2. I love this idea!!!
    Am always looking for ways to entice my children to eat their food.
    I’m you Newest follower.
    Would love it if you can visit me @ http://www/theredapronscravings.com


    • Thanks Gghie! I’m glad you found me. I did hop on over to your blog and saw that beautiful panna cotta! What a wonderful way to rememeber your mother. I hope you come back often!

  3. This is the perfect snack for kids!!

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