I Would Rather Be On a Roller Coaster

It’s funny how the one thing you think you want is not at all what you really want.

Here I sit.  The house is quiet.

My sweet and wonderful husband has the kids.

Despite the fact that I wish for days like this, I am sitting here stewing over the fact that I’m not with them.

This week was high on the “do not get sick” list.  So what did I do!?  I got sick.  I’m sure as a result of too much going, going, going this summer and perhaps not enough resting.  Granted, I made it through the week and completed all those things that needed to get done including baking and frosting 200 sugar cookies for a wedding {don’t worry I washed my hands like a maniac}.

With all of the business of the week done, today we were going to go to Lagoon {for those of you who don’t know, it’s an amusement park}.  We go every year around this time since it’s sponsored by mr’s work.  But I’m sick.  I’m sure I could have tried to go but I’m also sure I would be miserable and make every one else miserable too.  Not on purpose but I seriously don’t feel good.  Even now my brain is in a fog and I have no idea how all of this is going to sound.  It will probably be one of those posts I read weeks later and I’m like wuh?

So, no Lagoon for me.  Instead, here I sit with my trusty roll of toilet paper because we are out of tissue and I REALLY don’t want to go the store just for that,  a huge water bottle, and the remote.  While my cute little family is making memories.

The kids are growing so fast and the summer seemed to fly by so fast and I feel like I missed out of a quite a few things just trying to survive.  And as much as I love having the house to myself I was surprised at how emotional I was as they pulled out of the driveway this morning.

At that moment I would have given anything to be able to go with them.  I’d much rather be on a roller coaster than sitting here.

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