How to Not Make a Good First Impression on Your Kid’s Teacher

It’s that time again.  Those three little words that can bring such joy to a parent’s face.  Back. To. School.

And with back-to-school comes PTA, after school activities, and open house.  Ah yes, open house.  That wonderfully exciting day when you and your school bound children get to meet their teacher.  For the very. first. time.

When I am on my own I think I’ve got pretty good social skills and can {usually} make a good first impression.  Put me anywhere with my kids in tow and my level of intelligence and ability to focus gets cut in half.

Take today’s open house for example.  I’m not at all sure what just happened but I 100% positive it wasn’t pretty.

My first mistake was taking ALL of my four children.  Do me a favor, if at all possible, trade babysitting with another parent.  Even if just for your own sake.  Trust. Me.

So, here I am, Little Squirt in the stroller, my 3 year old Little Buddy in tow, and my two school bound children racing to find their classroom.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Little Buddy was throwing a tantrum but my first grader had come down with a case of viral pink eye that morning so I spent most of the time reminding him not to touch anything, stop rubbing your eye, keep your hands in your pockets.

And the award for best portrayal of an over protective, paranoid parent goes to Krista!  Not exactly what I was going for but okay.

We start off with a tour of my first graders classroom.  His teacher had a fun little scavenger hunt which we went through, all the while I’m {a} tugging Little Buddy to follow and to stop pushing the stroller into people, {b} trying to keep Little Squirt from getting out of the stroller and reaching around to hit Little Buddy, and {c} asking my 8 year old to watch where he is going to avoid knocking over other little kids.  Pretty sure she won’t be calling me to be the head room mom.

Next, it’s onto my third grader’s class.  He has a great teacher and when we arrived there wasn’t any one else there.  Score!  I’m thinking, “Nice.  My kids won’t be wreaking havoc, running into people, playing with the cubbies.”

That was my second mistake.  Never under estimate the abilities of your children.  Not only did Little Buddy start playing with water faucet in the sink but Little Squirt somehow managed to stand up in the stroller which only came crashing down throwing him face down on the ground.  After which he immediately started wailing.  All the while I’m trying to talk with my son’s teacher about the permission slips I need to sign for the year and offering my assistance.  Probably won’t be chaperoning any of those.

With all the necessary papers in hand and a good handle on what the future school year has in store we leave the school.  I couldn’t be certain but I think I heard cheering.

Next up, preschool open house.  I’m pretty sure it couldn’t get any worse than this and I set the bar pretty low so the only way is up.


  1. Oh honey. Oh my. I could SO see every second of that. It was like reliving every one of our school visits (C ALWAYS disappears so I look like that mom that can’t keep an eye on her kid!). *sigh* We NEED to get together ASAP so I can ply you with chocolate and diet coke. I’ll even put chocolate in your diet coke! I love you.

    Incidentally, I’m 100% sure his teacher wasn’t nearly as horrified as you were! xo

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