Steak and Tortellini Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing

I’m introducing a series today that I seriously hope you guys will love!

If you are anything like me than you like dinner.  Even better, a dinner with the least amount of fuss that is on your plate fast.  Since I’m pretty fond of all of these things and with back to school in full swing I’d like to announce my “30 Minute Monday” Series.

Just 30 minutes from start to finish and dinner will be on your plate!

Are you excited!?  I’m excited.

And my first dinner is nothing less than simple and a perfect way to transition from summer to fall.  It also utilizes a product that I first discovered in May at Camp Blogaway.  Gourmet Garden is a product that I am insanely excited about!  They sell fresh herbs and spices in tubes basically.  Since I am a legendary failure at growing my own and I live in a city that has snow a good 5 months out of the year it’s not always possible for me to cook with fresh herbs.  And have you seen how much fresh herbs cost in the store!?  Take my first born why don’t ya!  Dang.

That’s why I love this product.  Not only can I read and understand the ingredients but they also last much longer than fresh cut herbs. A solid 3 months in the fridge and 6 in the freezer.  Now that is something I can fit in my budget!

Using their fresh basil and garlic I whipped up this Creamy Pesto Dressing and paired it with a Steak and Tortellini Salad.  Even the biggest meat and potatoes man will get into this meal.  Trust me!

Disclosure: Gourmet Garden provided me with product and a stipend to create this recipe.  My opinions are completely my own.


  1. Wow, I can hear it scream Healthy!! Nice looking salad, and 30 minutes is a bonus!

  2. MMMMMM That sounds delicious! I love me some pesto. Love Gourmet Garden too. They are flipping wonderful.

  3. What a tasty looking meal! And you know I am one huge fan of Gourmet Gardens! YUM!

  4. I love the idea for your new series! Can’t wait to follow along. 🙂

    This salad looks fantastic, I especially love the use of tortellini! They are such a pretty addition.

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