Winger’s Sticky Chicken Fingers

Wingers Sticky Fingers

From the time I was young my family has always been a sports watching, snack munching, yelling at the television hoping the referees will hear ya kinda family.  The men that is.

To this day, when football season rolls around and the sound of the announcers fills the house it makes me miss my family and our loud parties where the women would busy themselves in the kitchen, the cousins run around, and the men shout loudly at inanimate objects hoping to change the outcome of their favorite team.

I suppose, in many ways, we haven’t evolved too much from our caveman days.

And with four boys, the day has arrived when they will join the men in their caveman rituals while they yell at inanimate objects, stuff their faces with chips, and scratch themselves.  Okay, the scratching isn’t a pretty picture but it is what it is and you can’t act like it doesn’t happen.

Mr won tickets to the BYU Football game yesterday and since he took our oldest last year it’s my 6 year old’s turn to join him this year. While they will actually be yelling at moving objects tonight, I will be sitting with 3 rather disappointed boys who couldn’t join them.  I thought I’d join them in their rituals, let them yell at the television, and, most importantly, stuff their faces with these sticky fingers.

Wingers Sticky Fingers

They are ridiculously easy to make, taste exactly like the sticky chicken fingers from our favorite restaurant, and are perfect for game night!


  1. In all honesty – my last meal would be sticky fingers. That’s how much I love them!! I don’t even need a football game to want to stuff my face with these!!

  2. You are lucky my kids aren’t home tonight because if they saw me looking at these, they would BEG me to make them! LOL

    They look super easy and fun and fabulous! I will try them out on my boys soon!! 🙂

  3. we LOVE wingers sticky fingers and wings! We found a recipe similar to this a few years ago and use it all the time. I’m excited to try this variation. Thanks 🙂

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