Crisp Bean Burritos with Mexican Vegetable Saute

This was one of my first posts written for an online magazine back when this little ol’ blog was a little over a month old.  It has since graced my menu every couple of weeks.

Cheap.  Simple.  I could make these Crisp Bean Burritos with my eyes closed.

It is the perfect meal for 30 Minute Monday.  And at a whooping $0.81 a serving it is a great budget saver.  I like to serve it with this Mexican Vegetable Saute for a balanced, vegetarian dinner.

I do have a kid or two who aren’t big fans of these while the other two inhale them as fast as I make them.  For the picky eaters I make a little quesadilla.  I figure I’ve already got the cheese and tortillas out so it doesn’t make me feel like a short order chef.  Either way, this meal will be on the table in no time at all!


  1. These look awesome! I cannot wait to try them and add them to my list of favorite quick and easy meals! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These remind me of the crisp burritos at Taco Time – my favorite!!

  3. My hubby would love these burritos!

  4. Delish! Made and ate these in under 10 minutes. The fam cleared them out! Burritos may never be the same again in our house.

  5. you bloggers are killing me!! I’m craving everything I see today!

  6. Sara Wright says:

    Awesome. Making these tonight!

  7. These look amazing!

  8. WoW Real food. stuff in my pantry dont have to try to find special food next trip to town.


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